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Squishy Sparkly Bat Plush

So here's the stuffie I ended up sending for the One Tiny Stuffie Swap on Craftster!

I sewed him out of a nice soft stretchy and sparkly sweater. The eyes are blue goldstone beads and I used felt to embroider the muzzle.

Here's the fat bat! Those wavy floppy ears were kind of a happy accident... The sweater material was super stretchy, so when I sewed the ears with the sewing machine, they ended up being really ruffled. I think it works :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Until next time...
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Sparkly Elephant

Alright, I'm guilty of browsing the dollar aisle at Michaels! I know I don't really need any of that stuff, but I saw this little brown paper machier elephant and knew I wanted to make an ornament out of it.

Sparkly little toenails! I painted my little elephant purple, then used copper colored paint to add a sort of blanket to his back.

Then I bejeweled the little guy with rhinestones, glitter, beads and sequins!

Tada! Isn't he fabulous? :) And if you like this little pachyderm, you might just love Racky's Pink Elephant over at Junk & Stuff! Happy Monday! Have a lovely week!!!
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Rotund Cannonball Sweater Monster

I originally made this for the One Tiny Stuffie swap over at, but he ended up being waaaay too big to qualify as a "tiny" stuffie. I sewed this little monster plush from a severely shrunken and felted wool sweater.

Here he is maxin' and relaxin' by the window, watching the grass grow, watching Liz Lemon catch crickets on the porch...

His face is real simple, just an embroidered mouth and two circles of felt tacked down with safety eyes. Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is going well!
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