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Plenty more to see at! Bookmarks, planner clips, digital stamps, ornaments, and many more unique gifts. Thanks for supporting this artist!

Big announcement - Coming soon to Stampotique!

Alright, friends! This is the big announcement that I've been sitting on for toooooo long! My artwork is going to be available in rubber stamp form over at, a delightful little papercrafting and stamping shop specializing in the latest and greatest in papercrafting supplies and fine art stamps! My collection releases on November 15th, and I'm CRAZY excited about it.

I just got mine (early, of course), and the quality is fantastic... I can't wait to get home from Oregon and start crafting with them! They'll all be available as woodmounted, high-quality red rubber.

Cheeeeeeck it out! I also can't wait to see what the Stampotique design team comes up with using my monsters and kitties and whatnot. There will be an awesome blog hop to celebrate, too. Prepare yourselves for mad hoppage.

These are the stamps that will be available to buy November 15th... Which ones do you want? (Go ahead and get them all, I'm fine with that)

:D Happy Thursday!!!
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Wedding Yetis

My brother and his fiance are getting married this weekend!!! They requested a little pair of bride and groom fuzzy plump yetis for a wedding gift. I had to oblige!

Happy little groom yeti is stylish in his top hat and bow-tie. I made the little tophat from a paper towel tube. Since the cardboard is already curved, it makes it a lot easier to form the hat and brim. The top of the hat is cardboard from a cereal box, since that part needed to be flat. Some glue, black paint, and BAM! A tiny top hat.

The bride's crown is some rhinestone trim from Joann ($17.99 a yard YOWCH! Luckily, I only needed like 3 inches of it!). The veil is sparkle tulle that I gathered with a needle and thread and sandwiched between the rhinestone trim and some ribbon with hot glue. Of course, the faces of both are pieces of a thrift store angora sweater, and the bodies are towel for that fuzzy look...

What a happy monster couple :) I'm sure Nate and Amanda are going to be even happier on their wedding day...

And SURPRISE! I sewed strong little magnets inside of the ends of the arms, so they hold hands. *Awwww*

So yes, I'm out of town... I'm at my mom's house in Oregon! Which is kind of excellent, because we figured out what was making me so sick... Our house in Alabama had mold, and I have a very high sensitivity to it :( So we had to find another place to live... So sad, but if it keeps me healthy, fine. I feel bad for Bobby, as he's back in Alabama moving ALL of our stuff into a new place back in Enterprise all by himself. Poor sweet guy... But the good thing is, when I get home at the end of the month, I won't have to go back to moldy house, and everything will already be moved.

Well, until next time... Which won't be too long, I hope. Happy Monday!
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Friendly Raccoon Embroidery

This raccoon embroidery has been kicking around my craft room for literally ONE YEAR with a tiny piece of the tail left unfinished! Finally, I took the 20 minutes to get this hoop done!

Here is the hoop that now has a place on my humble hoopla wall! I think this raccoon was originally intended to be a yeti, hence the yeti-riffic coloring, but as you know, projects often head in a totally different direction!

This is a close-up of that fill stitch that was so daunting that it took me a whole year to find the motivation to finish... It's 3 strands of embroidery floss just run back and forth, back and forth as a split stitch. The texture ends up being nice and thick and delightful!
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Hare and Monster ATCs

I did a little ATC swap with Kate over at the Kathryn Wheel last month and I realized I hadn't blogged these little guys yet!

This first monster one has a lot of layers to it. First, I took strips of scraps with different textures and patterns, and glued them to the ATC base. Then I painted it over with a watered down blue craft paint... Next I used a stamp with a burlap pattern for texture while the paint was still wet. After it was dry, I used some glue and craft foil to make some super shiny fingerprints... I dabbed the edges with gold inkpad. The monster was watercolor on a bookpage... I cut that out and slapped him on there :)

This one is a hare I drew and watercolored. Bobby thought it looked like a dog-rabbit. I kind of agree, but I like him anyway!

I hope everyone had a super weekend!

Thank you to everybody who left such sweet get well comments. I still don't know why I've been feeling weird. I'm just kinda hoping it'll go away!
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