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Lumpy Space Princess Card

Finally, a couple days of not-puking :) The all-day morning sickness has been bad, folks, but hoooopefully is on the upswing. I took advantage of the good time to make a card for some friends of ours. 
Unfortunately, both of them had to have biopsies on THE SAME DAY... I know, lumps are no joke, but this couple has a great sense of humor and they're fellow fans of Adventure Time. The sentiment is appropriate and they loved the card, so.

It features the Lumpy Space Princess, who is one of the more ridiculous characters in that show.

 Here's the inside.

I hope everyone has been having such a great holiday season. I miss my regular crafting/blogging, but you know, life and nausea get in the way. The baby is healthy! I'm about 17 and a half weeks along, and we'll find out if it's a boy or girl in ONE WEEK :) Thanks to everybody sending congrats and kind thoughts, sentiments and prayers! Bobby and I are getting pretty excited!