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How to Make a Tunnel Card

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you how to make a really simple tunnel card. Here are the basics of what you'll need:
-A piece of 4x6 cardstock
-Scissors or other cutter-thingie
-A scoring board (optional!)

 Begin with a 4x6 piece of paper with both sides decorated. For this project, I used a sheet of Black & Ivory 6x6 from this month's Alpha Stamps Kit and cut it down to size. I colored the plain back with Tim Holtz Distress Paints, so the paper would have a design on each side. If you have a scoring board, make score lines at 1/2, 1 1/4, 2, 2 3/4, and 3 1/2 inches. If you don't have a scoring board, it's cool! Just wait until the folding steps and carefully mark and fold along those measurements.
 Cut your piece in half, so you'll have two 3x4 pieces.
 Now fan-fold at your score lines (or marked measurements if you don't have a scoreboard) so that you end up with two pieces that are mirror images to one another, paying attention to the patterns on each side. One will be kind of like a "W" and the other should be kinda like an "M".
 Take the back piece of your 4x4 Chipboard Die-Cut Frame and glue your pieces onto the outside edges .
 You'll end up with it looking like this!
Now smear a little glue on the top flaps of your fan-folded pieces to attach the front of your frame.
 Carefully line up the back and front of your frame set and press it down, getting the glue nice and stuck. 
 Now you've got an awesome little card base to get yourself tunnel-bookin' it. 
 All of the hard part is over! And it wasn't even that tough, was it? All that's left to do is reach into the tunnel and glue bits and pieces to those different levels to compose a little scene inside. I found it easier to use an alternative adhesive like an ATG or dot runner to stick on the elements, since there's zero drying time... But regular glue or gluestick will work just fine.
 What's cool is that this little thing will fold flat, so you can mail your mom or dad, or whomever, one of these and they will be super impressed when they get a little 3D surprise.

And here are a couple more examples:

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Peek-a-boo Cards: Parrots!

 It is JUUUNE! That means a new swap over at Alpha Stamps. This month is peek-a-boo cards and they're so fun. I made a couple of cards using the Parrots CS, because it's my favorite collage sheet EVAR. 
I love this pink cockatoo.

Now just in case you love parrots and peek-a-boo as much as I do, watch this video...Because it's the cutest. I mean, a teeny tiny parrot playing peek-a-boo with a kleenex? Come on.