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Big ol' coiled fabric bowl

Here we have another pre-surgery Christmas craft! I made the biggest coiled fabric bowl I've ever made! This is a fake-action shot, but you can get a better idea of the size if you compare with that skein of yarn.
As you might well know, I love to save up my scraps for weaving projects and other stuff like this, so all the colors and patterns are mixed up, but still nice and cheery bright, as I like them.
It has a new home in Washington with my sister-in-law-in-law :) I hope it'll get much use as a fruit basket or notions basket, or by-the-door catchall, or something!

And again, thank you all for the well wishes and get well soons!! I SO appreciate every kind word. I'm doing fine, my recovery is right on track, I believe! I'm feeling better each day, but I'll admit, I've been having some really frustrated days. I know things are getting better, but I think a lot of constant tiny irritations just get under my skin sometimes. Plus, I haven't got much of an outlet to relieve stress at the mo'. I can't wait until I can craft at 100% capacity again!!! That's what keeps me sane :) Anyhoo, happy Wednesday.
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Monsters Zippered Pouches

Every year for Christmas, the Nichols side of my family has one other family to get presents for, and this year I was pleased to see I could craft for some of my older nieces! I thought teens/tweens can always use zippered pouches for sleepovers, makeup, girly things and whatnot, so I made these before my surgery to send off to Washington.
They're based off of different plush I've made that the girls each noted as thier favorite: Sad monster and plump yeti!
Here's the little yeti, I appliqued him with soft fleece, and added a nose and belly button for good measure.
Both bags are fully lined with coordinating fabric! I hope my nieces get a lot of use out of these bags, they were made with love :)

Here's an update on the back surgery recovery front: I haven't done ANY more crafting after that deer. I had been feeling a lot of pain, a little more back pain, so I called the nurse from recovery and she said that I should NOT be sitting for more than 15-20 minutes at a time, and avoiding sitting as much as possible (she said, "Either be laying down or walking!"). So I've obeyed and am doing MUCH better pain-wise. PLUS, I walked nearly 1/2 mile today! I should be walking 2 miles in a day by 4 weeks post-surgery! It's been 10 days. But I gotta go! I'm sitting typing this, and it's killing me! Much love! Happy late Christmas!
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Winter Deer

Here's my first art post surgery! I had to draw, paint and outline this little winter deer in really short increments over the last few days. My plans are to color copy it to make thank you cards for all my friends from church who have been helping me so much!
Before outlining
Sketch. Okay, I've got to go, I'm tired as heck, gotta sleep. Merry Christmas! Happy Wednesday!
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I'm home, doing good

Hey friends! I thought I'd post just real quick, let you know I got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. The 2.5 hour car ride home sucked! I'm doing great, though, no more back pain, ONLY incision pain. It's really amazing, so happy. I have a big 6 or 7 inch long incision on my belly, and then 4 surprise 1 inch ones in the back. They did the anterior/posterior fusion instead of only anterior. I can walk a bit, and can only sit in a sraight chair for 30 minutes at a time. Otherwise, I'm laying down. I'm on a lot of drugs. I actually drew a reindeer yesterday, and I might be able to watercolor it tonight!!! If I can, I'll post it.

Merry Christmas! Thank you all for your love and support and prayers! I'll be back in no time!

A little stitchin' and I'm ready to go!

Hey hey! I've been in much higher spirits the last few days, just knowing that the surgery is ALMOST here! I actually did some embroidery (hooray for crafts you can do in bed!) So, I doodled this little blue tree thing over the last couple days. Chain stitch! French knots! It was SO NICE to be able to create something, as I've been going nuts just laying here, not being able to do anything but watch netflix and browse internet memes!

So, my husband is taking me in to the hospital for pre-op tests tomorrow morning, and then Thursday is the BIG DAY! I'm going to get my spine fixed! WOO HOO! :D Wish me luck, friends!!!
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Difficult times

Hey friends. I just wanted to update real quick. I've had the most horrific week, and I'm in a terrible amount of pain. I had to switch my pain medication, and have been going through very, very difficult drug withdrawals. I could hardly believe what was happening to me, considering I always, always took my medicine as directed by my doctor. Now I'm taking only a (mild by comparison) anti-inflammatory, and the pain is really really bad.

My back surgery is in 8 days, so if you're inclined, I would appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts to help me get through the next week, and also that my surgery goes as well as possible. Thanks so very much.

I miss crafting SOOOO much, but it's feels good to know you guys will be waiting for me when I come back, hopefully sooner than later and better than ever.

love, Kira