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Star Trek Crafts

I want to thank everybody for your comments and support on my post from the other day. Your words do a lot to lift me, and I really really do appreciate you. I'm feeling a bit better, probably because all the medicines are working their way out of my system. So I feel better physically at least, and that helps. I'm still pretty down in the dumps... but I won't give up. Bobby and I decided to take a break from trying for at least a few months. Gotta take a breather and focus my energy on something a little less emotionally draining! I decided to sign up for a craft show next weekend. I think the prep work will distract me.

Anyway, I made some Star Trek crafts for a swap the other week and I want to show you what I made.
 First is a journal made from the covers of a recycled old Reader's Digest Condensed Books. The pattern on the book looked retro and kinda perfect, even if I did paint/draw over most of it. I saw a t-shirt that said, "Trek yourself before you wreck yourself" that made me laugh. Took the same sentiment for this journal.
Mister Spock.
 I also drew a little watercolor monster in a Star Trek uniform giving the Vulcan salute.
 And finally a totebag... 
The lot. Live long and prosper.

Beside myself

Our IVF cycle failed. I ovulated too early despite the medicine I was taking to supress ovulation. The chance of ovulating while taking that medicine was 1.5% and it happened to me, two days before my scheduled egg retrieval. I am so sad. I went through all the shots and side effects and driving hours and hours to appointments for nothing. Feel sick. Don't know what to do. When will I get to have a baby?

Sorry if this post is TMI, but I don't care right now.

Cards Cards Cards

I just have some colorful eye candy for you today! I made a ton of cards using my Alpha Stamps Collage Sheets and misc other stamps and paper :) Scroll and I hope you like them. Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend!

Pink Cat Mask- Warning: Gold Tooth Ahead.

I did, I made another mask. A few weeks ago, actually. I'm just now getting around to posting it!

For those of you who watch that terrible (but strangely fascinating) show Toddlers and Tiaras, you might find the resemblance of my mask to Mackenzie a little unsettling. Oh man, you should have seen it before I added the mustache. It was uncanny, yet also a little awesome. 

And here is a picture of the strange pink kitty with a golden tooth with my dog, Tink, who couldn't appear less concerned...

Pop Pom Farmer Monster & a Throw Quilt

 I decided to take the plunge and make a commitment to NOT buy any new craft supplies for the next 3 months! Well, with the exception of extraordinary yard sale finds and of course, adhesives. So I set to work on my shoe box of small/medium sized fabric scraps.

 Here is the box of fabric that I turned into....
 A throw quilt! I just cut a ton of 5x5 squares and sewed them together. Then pieced together fleece remnants (that I originally bought to make stuffies, but I've got tons of sweaters to cut up for that) to serve as both the backing and the batting. I just used a straight stitch on my sewing machine to "quilt" it. The thing is kind of little. I think it's like 40x50 inches, perfect for the couch.
The edge looked like crap because I had just zig-zag-stitched the edge because I got bored and/or lazy. So the next day I got some motivation back and crocheted a border, using nearly a whole skein of forgotten stash yarn. To make the holes to crochet in, I just used the 1/16'' hole puncher part of my Crop-O-Dile to punch holes along the edge, 1 inch apart.
I had just enough yarn left over to either make a small ball of yarn that would go unused probably FOR-EV-ER, or I could continue with the stash-busting spirit and make a little pom-pom monster. The chose the latter. I made 2 pom-poms, sewed them together, then glued on some craft felt ears, paper eyes and teeth, pipe-clear arms and legs, then a wee straw hat from the stash. And of course he had to be holding a rooster feather because that's country, and I thought it went with the straw hat. I also tied a loop of yarn to the top of the hat to make him into a hanging ornament.

Anyway, much love! I feel like crap today! Here's to a better day tomorrow :)