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This year's pumpkin!

May I present El Senor Pumpkin con un sombrero. This year I decided to try and paint our jack'o'lantern, since my carved pumpkins never turn out as cool as I hope for. He's kind of sugar skull/day of the dead inspired.... I wanted him to be nice and colorful :)
I made this hat a little while ago, and didn't have a use for it, but hey! It was the perfect size for the pumpkin. I tied on some scraps and ribbon and novelty yarn, and some colorful feathers for good measure.
I hope everyone has a happy happy halloween this year!

Oh! And thanks for all the love, to you guys who have been leaving such sweet comments. One of Bobby's friends from work told him about an excellent sports injury/orthopedic office where he got disc replacement surgery. He was really happy with the doctors and all, so hopefully I can get an appointment soon to see if there's some sort of procedure that can help me out... And a doctor that won't tell me I'm "too young" for surgery! I'll keep you posted.
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Tiny Scrap Bunting and a couple sketchbook pages

I've barely made ANYTHING! My back has been a real problem lately, so I haven't been very inspired. Or maybe it's just that I can't really sit and focus on making stuff. But anyway, one thing I've completed is cutting squares for that big ol quilt I'm planning. So with that, I've ended up with a lot of little scraps! Real quick, I snipped up some triangles and made this itty bitty bunting garland.
It goes nicely hanging just below my bulletin board on my semi-messy workspace. Look how tiny it is. Hooray for it.
Also, since I've been a bad blogger lately, I've got a couple of sketchbook pages together that I'm not 100% satisfied with. I finished these last week.
This blue page is a mess of strings and a sleepy cat. The idea was that she was dreaming of yarn... Not sure it's effective.

Happy Wednesday, friends!
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Pumpkin Man Thank You Card

I just realized that I haven't blogged this little card I made to go with the pumpin man hanging decoration! Trying to model the same guy, I made this out of various papers and things.
My cricut came in handy for the lettering. I ran out of black buttons, so I just painted some white ones with black acrylic ink.

I've been pretty darn busy lately! Not enough time to craft the little things. I started cutting squares from all the scrap fabric to make a quilt. I'm shooting for ambitious and making a queen size. Wish me luck! I'm about halfway done with cutting squares... I have no idea how I'm going to quilt the thing, though! If any of you reading this are avid quilters and have one of those big machines that quilt really fast, I just might be interested in swapping services for crafts :) Well, happy Sunday! I hope you had a great weekend.

(PS. I accidentally published a silly post on here that was meant for my personal blog! :) I've already deleted it, but if a "fat pics" post shows up in your subscription feed, go ahead and just disregard that... Ummm, yep! >.<)
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Kitties Inchies Book

I made a set of kitties inchies last night originally wanting to put them in my sketchbook, but without really thinking it through, I punched them all and had to make a book. Oh well, it's cute :)
Here's the set! The farting cat is a little crude, but I thought it was funny since the cat has such a cute face. I might toss this little book in my Etsy shop later, but I've been so bad at stocking it over the last month.

In other news, I ordered a 36 color Pearl Ex powdered pigments set and it's going to get here TODAY! I'm so psyched, there's so much you can do with it. Mix it with paint, poly clay, embossing powder... I'm soooo excited to play with it. I bought it via Amazon with my swagbucks earnings... So it was free! Anyway, you'll be seeing some projects with some sweet pearl ex soon. Happy Thursday!
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Robot Inchies

For your enjoyment, robot inchies tonight! It's been a little while since I've posted inchies...
This one is probably my very favorite of the group. I wish it were 3 feet across instead of only one inch, then I'd put it up on my wall!
No explanation needed.
I just finished reading the second book in the Ender's Game series and I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I really liked the first one, but the second one is just fantastic. Anyway, so that's where the "nullo" one comes from, kind of. Happy Tuesday!
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WIP! Lots of layers...Mixed media painting

I was hoping to post this as a completed piece, but I've gotten zero crafting done over the weekend! I've been in the process of getting my craft room junk-free and organized. Unfortunately, what would take most healthy folks a day or two, will probably take me four or five, and that's even with gross overexertion on my part. My back is really killing me today!
Anyway, I started this mixed media piece last week, experimenting with all sorts of media and layers! 10 layers so far, and hmm, I'm just going to list the media/layers to be fun. Canvas, sheet music, craft acrylics, tulle, tissue paper, acrylic wash with matte medium, more acrylic, eyeshadow stick, pigment ink, crystal glaze, (uhhh, that sack-material? I honestly can't remember what it's called right now), satin embroidery thread. Lots of stuff, huh? :)
You can catch a little glimpse of the mess I'm dealing with... Once that's all taken care of, I'll finish this painting! I'll likely add a branch of something, and watercolor an owl or bird or something. Well, maybe if I'm feeling a litttle saucy and adventurous, I might mix it up and do a badger or something. Stay tuned.

Oh! And thank you to everyone who's liked Oops I Craft My Pants on Facebook! Here's another convenient "like" button :)

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Such a good day!

Whoa-ho! I have had what feels like a LOOOONG day today! And this stack is only a portion of today's spoils :)

I went to a thrift store wth my best buddy today because they were having a "Fill a paper bag with clothes for $2" event. So for a crafter, that equates to "Fill a bag with scrap fabric for CRAZY CHEAP." It was so fun and insane. There was a ridiculous amount of clothes to pick through and tons of people there. So after rummaging for about an hour and a half, I filled 2 whole bags for a grand total of $4.00. For crafting, I got 7 sweaters to make into stuffies and whathaveyou and heaps of beautiful patterned prints and solids that you see all nice and cut up in a stack in the picture (and that's not even all of it!). It's all going to become the most wonderful quilt you've ever seen.

And in addition, I got (for me to wear) a beautiful sweater, and long flowy pretty dress, a shirt, and a long patchwork skirt. Score. Oh yeah and 2 outfits for my nieces, and a bagful of FREE hangers (that I had planned on buying next week anyway). All for 4 bucks. BOO YA. Well, after all that hunting, laundrying, cutting and folding, I feel 99% out of batteries, but I just had to share my super good day with you guys :) Happy Friday!!!!!
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Tiny Journal

Aha! A tiny excuse to use my Zutter Bind-it-All which I bought but rarely use (Er, it was expensive, too >.<) Here is a tiny little journal filled with watercolor paper. It's about 3ish by 2ish inches.
And it's very simply embellished by an inchie. I'm sending it away soon, so if it lands in your mailbox, SURPRISE! :)

I'm trying to figure out this whole networking thing for my blog, and have been working on a facebook page for it this evening. I'd be everso grateful if you "like" it! I'm pretty sure you just have to click the following button if all goes according to plan:

Thanks in advance! Happy Wednesday! (OH CRAP, I JUST REALIZED THAT I NEEDED TO BE SOMEWHERE TONIGHT! Too late. Dangit! Well, please just like my facebook page, to make this brain fart worth it... Grrr...)
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Unfinished Page with a Movable Kitty

This little cat may take a few seconds to load, but I managed to make an animated gif to show you the movable kitty I created for my sketchbook! I first drew and painted the individual body parts, then cut them out. Add a few hidden brads with the glue gun, and voila! A poseable, fun little guy. So, the whole page isn't finished yet, but after all that time spent in photoshop making this animation, I think I'm done for the day. I hope everybody had a super-excellent long weekend like me. Happy Tuesday!


"Oh no, not more cats!" That's what Bobby keeps saying when I show him what I've been working on every day. Well, I've got to fill up my sketchbook with dogs and cats by January! I'd hate to not finish my book and have to send it to the Arthouse Co-Op as an incomplete work. Especially after a kind person sponsored me, having faith in my abilities... So endure the many cats, friends. Cats are cool anyway.
This page is to complete the "You make kitty scared" spread. The colors are a bit more muted than what I'm used to doing, but I think it works. I think it goes with the season, too! I put up my very few halloween decorations yesterday (two to be exact), and it made me wish I had more, not for just Halloween, but each season. I told myself once we buy a house and I know I won't be moving anymore, I'd begin making my serious decoration collection :) Well, happy Saturday!
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Birds on Heads Tiny Book Pages!

Okay, I know you all were just dying with anticipation to see all the splendid little birds-on-heads pages of this tiny book! Since I had taken the pictures late in the evening before sendouts, I didn't take the best shots. There were horrid shadows, blaring glares, etc. I finally gathered the motivation to fix these once-crappy photos (thank you dodge and burn tools!) so I could share without too much shame. They're still not perfect, but meh.
Tada! Each spread had a color theme, with the overall cute theme of birds on heads :) Happy Friday! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
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12 Layer Sketchbook Page

In the words of Always Inspired: "Anything is cute with a bird on its head!" I think she's right. Last night's sketchbook page featured a photo of my dog, Tink, modeling a cowl I made with a bird on her head.
Having repeatedly told myself that I'd like to start making pieces with more layering, I'm also proud to say that this page has TWELVE whole layers! I ended up stopping by walmart last night for cricut blades and bought 5 bottles of pretty craft acrylics. So I had a little layering party! By myself! Wait, I guess that's not a party then.
Of course, I had to slap some rain drops on there so it would still fit with my theme. It works. Have a delightful Thursday, friends.
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Trick or Treat! Pumpkin guy

Yesterday I made this very Alexz-inspired Halloween decoration for one of my friends who has been helping me out a lot with my back. I wanted to make something season-appropriate and handmade, and thought something like this would be perfect for a door hanging.
The head is made from a stuffed scrap of jersey fabric with string wrapped around it. The first head I made was from plain old non-stretchy cotton and it was an epic fail. Definitely important to use stretchy fabric!
The body is stuffed felt, wrapped in green floral wire, then the arms and legs are 8 twisted strands of the same wire. Hands and feet are felt :) I really like the way it turned out... I think I'll have to make another one to keep!
I was especially proud of the little hat... I made out of toilet paper tube and hot glue, then covered it with bits of paper to hide the toilet paper tubeness of it. With a little feather, ribbon & novelty yarn, it looks pretty darn cool if I do say so myself. Happy Wednesday!
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Stupid Dog Page: REDONE!

Alright, so if you scroll down on the blog, you'll see this page with this stupid dog drawing. It'll look crazy bright, busy, and just kinda... unattractive. So I sat down and tried to throw on some layers to make it a little better. After a green wash, some stamping, ribbon, ink, words and paint, this is what it turned into! I think I like it a lot better.
The right side is inspired by my dog, Tink. She always creeps up onto the bed to sleep when I'm downstairs, and jumps off when she hears me coming. I can tell she's been up there because there's a warm spot, and the smoothly made bed is now crinkly. She thinks she's being all sneaky, but I let her get away with it because I love her. I want her to know that someday.
I drew over the lines on the dog drawing with a blue pen to help them stand out more. Then I added a crown :)

Anyhoo, there's a environmentally friendly ribbon contest afoot over at Cream City Ribbon, and I want me some free ribbon! If you've got a sec, check out this video and also head over to see how to enter the contest. Happy Monday, friends!

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One Tiny Book: Birds on Heads

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far. I really wanted to blog this tiny book I made for AlwaysInspired for the One Tiny Book Swap on craftster (Go check out her blog! She made me an AWESOME book in return, and she's bound to be blogging about it soon. Hit the follow button while you're there, you won't want to miss it!).

This teaser pic of my front cover will have to do for now, as I've been a little too nauseous to sit and fix the pictures of the pages, which I was a little too nauseous to take decent pictures of. I'll share the pages soon, all of which have pictures of various things with birds on their heads. Happy Saturday!
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