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Fuzzy Pink Scarf

Here's the scarf I made yesterday! It was going to have a scalloped edge with the same regular pink yarn, but I ran out and heck if I'm going to buy another skein of pink yarn... So I used the fuzzy. It turned out pretty cute and soft.
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Almost a Re-run: Yeti Journal

Anybody remember that movable yeti ATC I made a little while ago? Well, I made him into a journal! Complete with dividers.
The journal was already made with the stripes and all (I haven't learned book binding... YET!) and I made the dividers out of various tagboard and etc. with my medium-sized tag punch. *yaaawwwn* I'm sleepy! I crocheted a pink scarf today, but it's dark now and I'm not going to take crappier than usual pics, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow (blarght, grocery shopping day, again.)

Goodnight everyone!
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Sheepie head Hacky Sack

Here's a change: teeny tiny eyes! I crocheted this little bean bag guy pretty quick. It's just a baaaaaaaall with felt ears and nose. I filled him up with lentils, because who seriously prepares and eats lentils? (PS, get it? Baaaaaaall?)
I spent ALLLLLL morning cleaning my craft room, and it's not even done. I haven't even vaccumed yet. It's looking pretty good, though. I think the next little organizing projects will be to organize my paper ephemera boxes and maybe put some of them into albums for easy access. Yikes, big undertaking. It won't get done till AFTER Christmas, I don't think. I've too many other projects to finish before I take off for home. I hate crafting under pressure! Oh well, once it's done, I'll feel soooo accomplished :)
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Sandshrew ATC

Another ATC! This is the pokemon sandshrew....
Before I cut it out. Boring blogpost, sorry! Too c-c-c-c-cold to elaborate.
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Happy Thanksgiving Doodle Leaves

Ahhh, such a good day today! After running to the store for the missing ingredients for pumpkin pie (I had no idea there was more to it than to open the can and dump it into the pie shell :/ it turned out delicious afterall), everything was all set to go for the Thanksgiving feast! Since Bobby and I are so far away from family and are hermits with no friends, it was just the two of us this year. It was a gorgeous day, so while the turkey was in the oven, we took our dog for a delightful walk!
Guess what's ripening?! The wild watermelons! Here's a teeny-tiny one still on the vine. I still think it's amazing that these just grow out on their own... So in addition to some wild melons, I found some pretty leaves...
I painted on them with white acrylic ink... I did a few others, but they didn't turn out real well because the leaves were lumpy or my drawings otherwise sucked.

I hope everyone's day was a beautiful as mine was!
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Who doesn't love a little birdie?

Good evening! I've got a little birdie painting for you all tonight. The white ink on the wings wasn't working with me, so the lines are a bit uneven. Meh, it still works.
Hey! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I'm totally excited to eat a ton of delicious food, aren't you?
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Another Cherry Blossom Crocheted Cowl Scarf!

Here's another crocheted cowl scarf I made for Christia! She was sooo sweet as to knit me an awesome headband/hat thingie that I absolutely love, so I made her this!
The cherry blossoms on this one are of a little bit different style that I think turned out pretty cute. I was thinking maybe I would make a bracelet or belt made out of a ton of these flowers... It would look really cool, but it would take FOREVER. I guess we'll see if it materializes someday.
I also made this one a bit longer than the original, and I think it wears a little better.
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Sugar Skull Plush Bear

Brrrr... My house is freezing. Socks just aren't enough today. I need to make myself some slippers.
So now that he's been received by my swap partner, I can post my little sugar skull felt bear! (It's not of my own design, but is inspired by this, which was inspired by something else, so I have no idea where the original idea came from). He took quite a few hours to make, but the end result turned out pretty awesome!
The thing that took the longest was all the embroidery and handstitching the bones. The little scarf didn't take very long to crochet, though. That was nice.
Here he is w/o the scarf on. The tricky part with the bones was that I had to stitch them on before sewing the bear's body... So it was a little bit tough to get the placement just right. Luckily, my new sewing machine is loads more maneuverable than my old one, so it didn't give me a ton of trouble like that angora jellyfish I made a while back.
Here he is pre-bones and pre-assembly. Happy Monday, everyone :)
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Sparrow ATC

So who out there has started to listen to Christmas music? I always come back to the Christmas radio station from home (warm 106.9)and listen to it streaming online... So I'm listening to it right now and I really want to hear "A Christmas To Remember" by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers. I flippin' love that song. Not sure why! Also, I want to hear "Christmas in the Northwest" because radio stations here don't play it. I remember thinking that song was so annoying when I lived back in Washington, but now I really miss it.
Anyways, here's another ATC I made! Originally, the bird's background was white with no borders, but you know I can't stay away from bright colors for long.

I took the opportunity to use my favorite sparkly microballs again :)
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A baby mouse! Stuck in a saxophone!

Well, the baby mouse is not stuck in a saxophone... but I did have that stuck in my head from an episode of Wonder Pets I saw several years ago the whole time I was making this...
I realize he ended up looking a lot like a rat, and I think that it's because I made his belly and rump too big. Oh well. I'll know for next time.
Cropped to ATC size and edged with pigment inkpads. My favorite part is the little nose.
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Yeti Amigurumi

Aw, it makes me miss Disney World Expedition Everest... I know he looks much different, but it's the same. I can hardly remember whata the yeti on that ride looked like. Much scarier, I think.
His face is lined with super fuzzy feathers and he has sad little button eyes. I actually thought about placing the face up-side-down, so he looked happy, but decided on the sad face.

I feel kinda icky today...I hope my stuffy nose doesn't turn into a full-blown cold or sinus infection. I don't do well with antibiotics... I hate them and they kill me. On the bright side: another weekend :D
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Fabric All-stitched-up ATC

Today was a very busy day... So sleepy. I wasn't able to craft toooo much today, so I'm again depleting my backlog of ATCs. This one is a mixed-media type with all sorts of different fabrics.
Close-up of embroidery and beading :) I'm sending off a couple of swap packages tomorrow, so as soon as they're received, I'll be able to post some pretty rad projects... Stay tuned.
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Little Dinosaur Baby Hat

Blarrgghh!!! I've been working on this all evening... A friend of mine just had a baby boy and her shower is tomorrow morning! For some reason, I thought I had more time to make this. What was I thinking?! Anyways, it's done now (thank goodness).
It seemed like it took longer than usual to handstitch the eyes and mouth and I was sorely tempted to just hot-glue them on. I'm glad I didn't, though. Quality counts :)
Now I just hope it fits!!! I don't have much experience with infant heads, so I could be way off. *crossing my fingers*

Ah, now it's time to relax.

EDIT: Oh crap! This is my 200th blogpost!!! I know was planning on doing a giveaway, but unfortunately it's not going to happen quite yet. Sorry, guys. The holidays are a crazy time! I promise I'll have another giveaway in the future.... Until then:

hooray for 200 blogposts, me!

2nd EDIT: Audio let me know these pics weren't showing up, soooo now they should be!

Aero Aarkvark ATC

Ah, if only every animal could just sprout wings... I made this for that Craftster ATC swap! We were talking in the thread wondering how it would fly, and I thought it would lumber along in the air like a bat carrying a bowling ball. Happy Tuesday!
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Pop-up Fox & Hen ATC

My internet is being shoddy tonight, and it's driving me crazy. If you're reading this, I've managed to catch the connection in one of the few moments it's been working this evening. *exasperated sigh*

So here we have a pop-up ATC with aa fox and hen I drew and watercolored, then cut out.
It pops up on two levels, but folds completely flat. If I were to re-do it, I'd make the grassy hill much shorter. This shot gives a good clue as to the construction...
And if you needed another clue, here's another angle! Ignore the strap of my digital camera hanging in the pic.
Cute, eh? Making this card made me want to give making a pop-up kids book a go. I will someday...but I am sooo stinkin' busy with holiday crafts. I've made some srsly awesome stuff for gifts in the last couple of days, but you all have to wait until Christmas time to see :)
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