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Little Birdie Watercolor Paintings

Okay, so I ended up actually making something else tonight :) Not as ill as I thought, I suppose...
I did everything with my watercolors and a sharpie pen to do the outlining. I wish I would have taken in-progress shots, with the line drawings before coloring, but I forgot. Next time...
This is my favorite of the three...

There's something about birds that rest with thier tails up, or hyper birds like jays and cardinals that hop around and flick up their tails... I just like them!
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Sun Conure in Acrylics

Feeling a little ill today... I think I breathed too many fumes doing some resin stuff earlier! I'm not up to doing much else, and I plan on posting the resin stuff once it's hardened tomorrow... So here's an old painting I did in 2006 of my sun conure when he was a baby. It's just acrylics on stretched canvas. It's kinda tough to photograph, and I personally think it looks much better in person!
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Seagulls and Spiders ATCs

GASP! I almost went to bed without doing a blog post today....
I made some ATCs over the last couple of days. This one I am keeping... I e-mailed a photo of it to my sister and she had no idea it was only 2.5" x 3.5".... I thought that was kinda funny.
This spider one I made for the ATC swap on Craftster.... I'm pretty pleased with it!
Another seagull one, heavily embellished. I used several layers of sheet music at the bottom to look like ocean waves :)

Okay, it's time for bed.
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Bird is the WORD! Shrinky necklace

Here's another swap project! This is a shrinky necklace with various bird charms for the bird swap!

I worked super hard on a birthday present for my bro today, and I WANT to post it, but he could be reading this, so I will refrain. I am SO excited about it, though. It turned out FAB, truly.
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Fixed up Mallard ATC

Ok, anyone remember that mallard ATC I posted? Well, I added a little color to it and like it a whole lot better. The pic on the right is the "before shot".
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Birdie Crocheted Wrist Warmers

Hooray! I can finally post a few of the swap projects I've made. This is a pair of crocheted wrist warmers I made for a bird-themed swap! My partner received yesterday, so they're safe to blog on about.
I used (big surprise here) simply soft eco yarn... It's pretty much my favorite because it's soft, cheap, and comes in lovely colors!
The birdy details are felt and stitched on using embroidery floss...
Here's a close-up of the crocheting. I don't know if I did a double crochet or half a double crochet, but I don't really care either :) That's an insignificant detail, right?
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Blue Bird of Happiness

Watercolor and ink pen... Did this tonight in my solitude!
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Jellies and Octopi - Hang tags and inchies

I've been so into papercrafting the last couple days.... So any spare moments I have, I've been making ATCs, inchies, hang tags or twinchies.
Here's a set of hang tags and inchies I made last night and this morning... All with the same paper scraps, sheet music and jelly/octopus themes.
This is my favorite little drawing... These simple jellies are so quick to draw.
This is another favorite hang tag...
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Birdie Welcome Plaque

Crud! I'm going to start running out of old projects to post! I've still been plugging away at swap items, so I have to post another oldie. This is the not-so-exciting welcome plaque I made when we first moved here.
Used some seed beads to spell out the word "welcome"
It says, "take off your shoes, or else..." I had debated on whether to put this or "Please To Remove Your Shoes." Growing up there was a sticker on our front door from Hawaii or something that said that, in perfect Engrish :) But the "or else" left so much more to the imagination....
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Papercrafted gift tags

After cutting all of my little twinchie and ATC bases out of the cereal boxes, there are always some little odd ends that don't measure up. I save them, just in case. They looked all sad just sitting in there, so I made a batch of hang tags for gifts! This one is my favorite. I used scraps from a kid's book, my handmade paper, and some string. Looks happy, huh? (-.-)
These I made with sheet music scraps and leftover bits and pieces of that watercolor texture I made for the YW banner project.
Here's the rest of the set I made with the yellow handmade paper bits... Isn't that apprehensive donkey hilarious?
"i eight it" :D
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Octopus and Fishy Hand-carved stamps

I worked on a TON of swap projects today...So unfortunately, I can't post everything I made today :( I will someday, once they're all sent out to my swap buddies. I'd hate to ruin the surprise!
Here are a couple of thingies I can post! I carved two more stamps today! I needed some fishy things for papercrafting, so I did these guys up.
Surprisingly enough, this simple-looking octopus was WAY harder to carve than the fish. I think it was all the twisty twisty tentacles. You can see how I wasn't able to get the edges perfectly smooth because of all the tight curves. Oh well, still cute.

This fish turned out great, I think! My favorite part is his front flipper. I have a feeling I'm going to be using this one a lot for all kinds of things...
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100th Blogpost Giveaway Winner

Chosen by's random number generator, the winner of my 100th Blogpost Giveaway is Autumnkisses!
(Autumnkisses: just e-mail me with your mailing address (icraftedthistoday (at) and your Alice Bracelet will be on its way shortly!)

Congrats! Thank you to all of those who commented. I had a lovely time reading all of them :)
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Twinchies Banner for YW!!

I made a banner as decoration for our Young Women's room at church! It was pretty plain in there, and the leaders agreed it needed a little spice. I had the idea on Thursday night at the Stake training meeting... So here it is, DONE! I used that watercolor texture I painted a few nights ago, along with another sheet of it... Cut it all up in 2" by 2" squares, then gluesticked em to twinchie bases made from recycled cereal boxes! I had the pre-cut letters, which was awfully convenient. I had to paint them with a a white acrylic wash to up the contrast, though. Add some sequins and BAM! Pizzazz!

It was really tough to get a good pic of the whole thing because it's so stinkin' long.
Ignore the horribly messy table, but this is the whoooole shebang :)
The scripture is "Be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works." Mosiah 5:15

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