The Kira Nichols Etsy Shop

Plenty more to see at! Bookmarks, planner clips, digital stamps, ornaments, and many more unique gifts. Thanks for supporting this artist!

Lots of earrings! Who knew a Pop Can could be so cool?

This is just going to be mostly an "eye candy" post, because dang. I am pooped. I'll do another post with more earrings (they're coming!) and describe more technique.

I finally got the motivation to whip out my Vintaj Bigkick machine, which I bought months and months ago. It's been hiding in my closet, inside the box... quietly weeping. "Useeee meee! I was expennnsiveee!" Well, I took a much needed Etsy vacation from Wicked Witch bookmarks, and I finally took out the danged machine. And guess what. It's pretty freaking awesome. 

Because you can turn pop cans and soup cans into pretty things. 

More later. Much love, Kira :)