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The Wombat

A very lemon-shaped animal, indeed. Yesterday, I asked my Facebook Page folks to comment their favorite animal and I'd pick one and craft it today! The wombat won out, simply reading the word "wombat" was delightful, no clue why!

So I drew and watercolor painted this little wombat guy and then cut it out to put in a shrine.

I experimented with different ways to draw the eyes, as wombats have kind of little squinty eyes... It just looked too mad or mischeivous or suspicious, so I went with big round eyes. He looks a little dramatic, but I'm okay with it!

Here's the sketch. Happy Thursday! Everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

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Teeny Bat Rescue Story

Alright, this isn't a craft, but I've had some serious crafter's block for the last week or so, and I've got nothin' crafty to share. I thought perhaps you guys would enjoy hearing about my good day yesterday.

After having experienced what felt like 3,000 mosquito bites in the past couple weeks (actually 10 bites total, but I react terribly to them) I've been bugging Bobby to finish draining the disgusting stagnant water/mosquito breeding ground from our above ground pool. Yesterday was the day, so I went out in the 95 degree Alabama heat protected with long sleeves and long pants to scoop out the crap on the surface of the pool to prepare for pumping! I saw a gross little dead something stuck to one of the floaties, so I fished out the floaty, and was surprised to see it was still alive! A little brown bat, about 2 inches long, nose to bum.

Awww, poor little fella. Doesn't he look sad? It's like seeing a wet cat... Kinda bizarre and not cute. I moved him off of the gross floaty into a box with a towel so he could hang out upside down and dry off.

POOF! A couple hours later and he dried off and was Fluffy McPuffington! I had NO IDEA he had this much fuzz on him, and I had to laugh out loud. Seriously, check out the fluff!!

I moved him to a ledge where he would be able to drop off and fly away come nightfall... I kept checking him thoughout the day and he was just really sleepy and didn't move much. I was really worried that maybe he had inhaled water or exhausted himself swimming and wouldn't actually make it.

I watched him out my window at dusk. He started moving around a bit at 7:50 PM, then flew off into the night at 8:08! AWESOME!

I was so happy he lived and had the strength to fly away! Fun fact: This tiny species of bat can eat 500-1000 mosquitoes in ONE HOUR. I'm pretty sure I'm going to eventually put up some bat houses on our property :) I hope you enjoyed hearing about my good day! oh and wish me some crafty mojo, I need some!
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Nerd Cat

At first, in the sketching stage, he started out as a kitty wearing cool sunglasses, but the frames were too Maurice Moss-esque, so he became... NERD CAT. Watercolor and micron pen. Have a splendid weekend!
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Freaky Inchies

Here's a set of inchies I made this week for a personal swap! She requested inchies for the theme "We're all freaks here." So there's a one-eyed kitty, a four-armed man, a couple of monsters...

I am having crafter's block today! I think I'm making too many little witch feet and the repetition is drying out my mindgrapes. All I want to do is sit down in my craft room and make something, but I can't think of what to do!!! My craft room is about 85% organized, so I definitely should be able to get some crafting done. I've gotta hem some curtains. And fold laundry. Maybe something creative will come to me while I fold underwear.

Happy Friday!
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My new lizard

One of the many new things I love about my new house is the lizard that lives on my porch. Bobby named him Liz Lemon. Eats bugs, best lizard ever, and he changes colors. Click on the picture to see it full size, and to behold the tiny magnificence that is my new lizard.

Anyway, I'll be back to blogging soon. I'm still unpacking, and I think my craft room is at 60% unpacked, 20% organized. I hope everybody is doing well :)

Sugar Skull Coptic Stitch Book

Aha! Another Dia De Los Muertos project! I've got one left after this... I've got to get unpacked SOON because I'm running out of backlogged projects :) This is a coptic stitch little journal that I made for that craftster swap I've been going on about!
I drew and watercolor painted this little sugar skull and secretly hid the name if its recipient in the teeth.
I stitched in 12 signatures of three sheets each! I was pretty excited about that bright green thread, too.

Well, we moved into our new house this weekend!!! I've gotten a lot unpacked, which is great, but my craft room is being painted and is half-way done, so I haven't been able to unpack my craft things yet which is nuts. Why don't I just finish painting? 10 foot ceilings, and I'm very afraid of falling off a ladder, so Bobby has to do it. I fell over backwards (and crushed a box, Chris Farley-style) on Saturday from a squatting position and got some ridiculous bruises on my arm and leg. I figure if I can lose my balance that close to the ground, I should not be trusted on a ladder.

So my craft room won't be put together as quickly as I want, but soon. Also, more wicked witch bookmarks in my Etsy shop by the end of the week hopefully. Happy Monday!