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Book of Monsters Illustrations

I did these two paintings a few months ago with the idea that I may someday want to do a book of monsters. I don't think I blogged them in this blog yet, and I have started to read the third Twilight book, so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be crafting today... only reading :D
This is my little laughing monster...
My favorite part was his molars.
Here is my dancing dino, a sort of t-rex with horns.
That head kindof looks funny, like it's twisted backwards, but the initial impression is cute, so meh. Anyhoo, have a great Wednesday!
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Hangtag Bonanza

Last night I got into the mindless-hang-tag-making-zone and made 36 hang tags while watching old episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix. I will share with you my favorite sets...
Doodled birds. I think the ostrich turned out a bit wonky, as I didn't leave myself much room for the legs... I think my favorites are the quail and the egret.
Doodled fish. I kept wanting to come back to doodling jellyfish and octopi, but thought those designs were getting a bit old. I chose to doodle some sea creatures with some bones this time. (I had salmon for dinner last night, so delicious fish was on the brain).
More sea creatures. I don't think I'm quite *out* of the hangtag-making mode, so I think I'll make some doodled kitties next. Happy Tuesday morning to you.
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Tink the Dog B-day card

So here's what I ended up with for my husband's b-day card!
I should have written, "I wuff you!!!" Haha, too cheesy. My husband loved the highfive loltink, BTW.
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Birthday LOLtink

Teeee hehhehehe! It's my husband's birthday today and I was taking pics of our dog, Tink, so I could draw/paint her for his birthday card. I couldn't resist making this loldog for him. Our dog is so cute and sweet. She's a yellow lab/sharpei/whippet(?) mix.
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Mediocre paper

I got a letter from an old friend in the mail yesterday and I need to write her back... Tried to make some cool paper by stamping colored copy paper with some of my hand-carved stamps. The results were meh, but okay.
It's pretty hard to get a decent picture of this stuff... I swear, the colors on this are not as McDonald's-esque as they appear in this photo. The real color is goldenrod with coral sparrows stamped on. It looks good, but not that good.
This is hot magenta with platinum octopi stamped on. The ink is very reflecty, and looks gold here, but it's truly a platinum color...
Tada. Not that cool, but they'll look better with writing on them. Gosh, I am sleepy.
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Cruel world of rock-paper-scizzors

I made this fun little interactive ATC yet again for the craftster ongoing ATC swap... I have such fun making these little things and then get so sad that I must mail them off forever!!
The movable scizzors are constructed with a brad, so you can get some sick jollies by helping cut the poor paper in half....
While rock looks on with shock and horror.
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More ATCs galore....

Here are a set of ATCs I made for other people over the last couple weeks...
Watercolor base with white acyrlic and pigment inks... This was for an astronomy theme.
Watercolor & sharpie pen, with glass finish embossing on the test tubes and glass parts.... The theme was "cute science."
Collage with watercolor & pigment ink. This one was titled, "Um, I'm busy that night" with an ugly duckling theme...
Sharpie pen, pigment ink & colored pencil. Then I threw in some glitter glue for added PIZZAZZ!
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Baby Chick Bookmark

Here's a simple bookmark I made. (READING IS FUN AGAIN!) I used a base cut out of a cereal box, then used my gluestick to paste on scraps of sheetmusic, novel pages, etc. Once that was dry, I put 2 coats of a white wash, pasted the pic of the cute babies, punched a hole, then looped through the yarn. This is handspun yarn, BTW, made by yours truly by spinning fiber around a pencil :D
The pic is cut from an old children's encyclopedia. I remember a song in Spanish class baack in the day where the Spanish baby chicks say, "pio! pio!" whereas the American chicks say, "cheep! cheep!" I like 'pio' better, so I stamped that instead.

With that, I'll tell you what my favorite books are, so you can try them if you want to: Harry Potter Series, Twilight Series, Watership Down, Jane Eyre, Xanth Series, etc. I'm not a big reader, so my tastes may be a little bland! Oh well, happy weekend.
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Two Halloween Hangtags

Gosh, my craft room is BLAZING hot right now, so I'll make it short!!! I made 2 little halloweeny hang tags...
Tee hee, I love this little spider guy! Ok, now I'm going to go lounge and read some HP under the ceiling fan.
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Angora Birdie Puppet!

I made this little birdie puppet for a swap partner with a 6 month old baby! I guess babies just go nuts over red stuff wit HUGE eyes :)
I made it out of the sleeve of a super-soft red angora sweater and felt details...
Here's the back with those little wings!
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Movable Bat ATC

I've had a real head-achey last couple of days. I fell asleep on the couch the other night and when my husband got home from work he was helping me up to go to bed when I sat up... Unfortunately, my eyes were closed and I wasn't aware that his face was so close to mine, so as I sat up quickly, I crunched my nose on his forehead. It was agony. I'm pretty sure it's not broken, as it doesn't look it and didn't bleed, but it sure is tender and has been giving me headaches. Blargh.
Anyhoo, I ordered some mini-brads from and they arrived yesterday! To celebrate, I made this movable ATC...
The bat's wings fold out to reveal a toothy up-side-down smile. Halloween is coming! Are you excited?
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Completely Random Post

explanation: I recently lost A LOT of hair for some unknown reason. It's all starting to grow back resulting in a very fuzzy hairline. Why am I posting this on my crafting blog? Because it's my blog and I shall do what I please.
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Gingerbread Kitty House

Ok, now this is really, really old. I made this gingerbread house in highschool, and just discovered the photos recently!
Anyone who has a lovebird hen will be nodding their heads at the female lovebird's unstoppable cave-seeking behavior... This is Kitty, my long-time buddy. She is ALWAYS on the lookout for a new nesting cavity, so she had to check this one out.
Isn't she soooo cute?
Happy Monday!
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