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Why I Blog

One of my favorite things in my life is taking a few moments every day to create something. I love to make things and am totally uplifted by the kinds words given when I share my work. To hear that anyone could possibly be inspired by the things I do in even the tiniest way is incredible to me! Ever since I started this blog, I've felt tremendously motivated to continue to improve my craft and share my progression with my readers. You guys totally keep me crafting every day.

I totally believe that if you don't exercise and develop your talents, they shrivel up and get all pruny and gross. Thinking that there are people out there subscribed to my blog definitely encourages me to try to make better art every day. I'm super grateful to any and all people who take a moment to look at the things I love to make. I craft because I LOVE IT, and I blog it for even the teensy chance that it'll make someone else's life a little better to see it.

As this humble little blog grows, I hope to never ever lose sight of the reasons why I spend my time maintaining and adding to it! Even if I never get to that point where I can make a living off of my art, I'm definitely enjoying the journey and want to thank you so so so much, my readers, my friends, for being a part of it!

Much love,

Kira Nichols