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Sleepy Cat Sketchbook Page

I finished a page in my sketchbook late last evening. It's kind of a collage page with a lot of little paper scraps, then black and white acrylic ink for the rain drops.
The blue cat is watercolored, then outlined with a micron pen size 005. Of course, has his favorite yarn ball. This picture is before I cut it out and gluesticked it onto the page.

I'm having a good time here at my parents' house with my family! It's pretty crazy, though. I've gotten really used to spending the majority of my time alone, so the commotion can be overwhelming. Ah well! Happy Tuesday!
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Aly B said...

I love his squishy little face! To me, it looks as if the collaged papers are the dreams whirling through his head

Dori Patrick said...

Cute page! I signed up for this project too..but have not started mine yet. Eeeek! Congrats on being several steps ahead of me!