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Ruby Slippers Bookmarks GALORE

 I have been hard at work making Wicked Witch/Ruby Slippers bookmarks to stock my shop for this very witchy and spooky month of Halloween :) There are 20 new ones for sale in my Wicked Awesome Series, including a few with green shimmery striped legs...Very Elphaba! Please check them out, or share with a friend.
I also have had plenty of people ask me if I make Dorothy, too, so I thought, "Why not?" and went ahead and made some Dorothy Bookmarks. The bookmark body features an original illustration, which I made by drawing, watercoloring, acrylic painting, then combining the various elements digitally, including the blue gingham dress :) I was pretty happy with my Dorothy! Anyhoo, I hope everybody has been having a good week so far.


Mandy said...

Aw, love your little Dorothy drawing!
And, of course, the witches are as cool as ever ;)

Tash said...

I absolutely LOVE these!! Quite possibly the best idea for a bookmark ever ;)
I gotta say, I really love your little works of art, they are just beautiful! Everytime and nomatter what you're making with them :)

Unknown said...

Just too stinkin' cute! I love ALL of them!

LimeRiot said...

You know, I'm not sure if I've ever seen the non-legs part of your adorable bookmarks!! Sooo cute!

Kelly said...

Love love love these wizard of oz bookmarks! So cool