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Needle Felted Penguin in a Sweater

 My goodness gracious. I have been SO busy, and I get to count this blog post right here as a break, then I'm back to work. I am sharing this wee needle felted penguin wearing a colorful winter sweater.
 I was in another Craftster Swap (I'm swearing off of these for a few months, I need a break) and one of my partner's holiday themes was "Penguins in Colorful Clothing." If you know me, you can guess why I'd want to pick THAT theme. So for one of the items (more penguin items to come soon), I needle felted this penguin using beautiful wool sent to me by the lovely Belladune of SpinHeartSpin.
 His little jacket-vest is cut from a felted sweater I picked up at a thrift store fill-a-bag sale. I love those.
 And the Tee hee. This is what penguin looks like au natural, sweater removed.
Meep meep meep (this is the sound that I imagine penguins make). He says "Merry Christmas."

Also, before I wrap up this blog post, I want to give a HUGE
and several digital imaginary hugs to everyone who has taken time to leave me a kind comment or word of love or encouragement. It seems like tons of very happy or very sad or very busy things have come at me all at once lately, and I've been hanging on for dear life, getting by day by day. I haven't found the time to comment back to each of you, but please know that I have much much much love and appreciation for you guys.


LimeRiot said...

That naked penguin is adorable but when you put that sweater on him, he's too cute for the words!!! I can't wait to see more penguin crafts :).

SandeeNC said...

As usual, your little guy is adorable! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

jengd said...

I'm pretty sure I chortled when I saw that little guy. :)

Mandy said...

Oh my...a penguin in a sweater. This is almost more cuteness than I can handle. LOVE him!

silentblair said...

That penguin is going to be voted best dressed on the ice cap! Great needle felting!!!

Janet Ghio said...

Your penguin is absolutely adorable!

Gez Butterworth said...

Too cute! Your blog is looking as stunning as ever Kira. Wishing you well.. Gez xx