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Crocheted Bead Necklace with Birds

Thank goodness, the last two days have been so much better... I got a migraine on Wednesday and it was ridiculous! But I have been feeling not-so-sick and in a better mood. I had to perpetuate the good-vibes by going sticker shopping on Ebay. Stickers make me happy. Learning new things also makes me happy! Today I made my first crocheted bead necklace.

The whole concept was much simpler than I originally thought. I have seen necklaces like this and have always thought, how the heck do you get a crochet hook through a bead?! How it's done: string on all of the beads FIRST and let them  chill out on your cord! (For this 24'' necklace, I strung on about 50 mixed beads and that was about right.) Then you just crochet the cord like you're chaining stitches at the beginning of a crochet project, slipping a bead in every 2 stitches (chain, chain, bead, chain, chain, bead, etc.). It's kind of awkward because you've got to keep letting go of your cord to slide a bead into your path. Maybe there's a tip for that. If there is, I don't know it yet.

Once I was done with these two strands, I tied on the clasp and added these little shell bird beads using some short headpins. I bought these at the gem & mineral show last year for probably too much money, but I can't resist birds sometimes. At least I finally used them for something.

I'll wear this necklace tomorrow, I think. If you want to take a crack at it, and my silly instructions weren't enough to create an "aha!" moment, here is a helpful youtube video: Bead Crochet Multi-Strand Necklace

I wanted to say thanks and give virtual hugs to everybody who left me such nice comments and words of encouragement earlier this week. They really meant a lot, kind words can really do so much to lift during struggly-times... I told my friend this, "I'm still a wreck, but I'm an optimistic wreck."

Still keep me in your prayers and thoughts, if you would, as Bobby and I keep riding this loco rollercoaster. Countdown to surgery has begun, countdown to finally having a baby or two should commence shortly thereafter :)


Tina said...

That necklace looks fun! That would be a cute and simple gift for my kiddo to make for a pen pal or two I think. Thanks for the idea!

Fiona said...

Oh, wow - this is really stunning! Love how it turned out, really want to make something similar for myself now. Did it take a lot of time to make?

Chark said...

Hang in there, you're getting closer all the time to that baby. Love the project!