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King Easter Bunny Egg Shrine

Easter is ALMOST here. It's this weekend... and I'm kinda sad it's going to be over soon because I've been having so much fun making bunny crafts. This is a wee egg shrine to the king of the bunnies (Elahrairah!)
It;s made from a paper mache egg that has been cut open on the side. They're hollow, so there was a nice little cavity to fill with glitter and bunny-delight.
I tried to shine the light right up in there so you can see the pretty glitter inside :) I think that glitter is my favorite part!
The edges where I cut using a hack saw were kind of rough, so I lined the border with seed beads. Then I glued on some resin flowers. Doesn't that dresden make such a good crown?  Tee hee!

And in other news... THIS! I bought this ridiculous golden crystal-encrusted bunny ring for myself and I'm in love with it. It's so much sparklier in person. It's fitting for this weekend, but I'll probably just wear it all the time. Got it from this Ebay shop: Seperwar. Happy Easter, friends!


silentblair said...

That is a royally cute shrine!
And that ring! I am smitten!

Just me said...

Ahhh!!! This bunny shrine is sooo adorable! Thank you for sharing. I have 2 pet rabbits at home and now they both want me to make a shrine of them! (good thing they didn't see that adorable ring, or they'll want one of those too)!