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Teeny Monster Ball

Now I remember why I NEVER crochet boucle yarn! Haha, I crocheted this little furry monster ball to make into an ornament for a swap. He turned out pretty cute, but truly, crocheting boucle yarn is a serious test of patience, and I won't be doing that again soon :)
I made his horns out of some corduroy material that prettyinpaisley sent me! It's delightfully fuzzy. Oh, speaking of fuzzy and delightful, Peanut has started squawking again. That sure didn't last very long! I knew that a quiet sun conure was too good to be true. Oh well, I love that bird, even if he is loud :) Have a great long weekend!
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Audrey said...


Prettyinpaisley said...

I'm so glad you got my package. I was worried that it got lost. That material was from Matt's pants! I still have a lot of it laying around - it's so stretchy and fun to work with.

Rawr! Adorable!

Aly B said...

^ What Audrey said the big blue eyes totally add to the cuteness