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Shell and Jewel Earrings

Earrings! It's been a pretty long while since I've made any jewelry that wasn't resin-oriented... This is a quickie little set of earrings I made with some of the jillions of beads I have in my crafting arsenal. I've done a liiittle bit more crafting this week, but I can't share yet, since they're for Christmas presents, and I'm pretty sure the recipients read my blog. Oh well, I'll be sending soon, and it'll give me a teeny backlog of things to post in mid December when I'll be doing ZERO crafting.

I've been feeling very blah and bummed lately... It's mostly because my painkillers just aren't cutting it at all. I'm wavering back and forth on calling the doctor and asking for a med change-up because I know everything will get mixed up in less than 3 weeks when I get my back surgery done. Bah, I spend probably 85% of my time in bed, and it's just getting depressing. I try to get up and eat, craft a little, run errands, etc. but most all vertical activities are followed by a pain spike and immediate regret. And I feel like a giant whiner. I don't want to be Debbie Downer, but yeah. My interaction with the outside world most days has generally been limited to my laptop.

So, it's my craft blog and I'll cry if I want to.

I do want to say a late happy Thanksgiving! And a genuine thank you and hi to new followers! And to old followers! Thank you for putting up with my lamenting and cry-babying. Much love, friends! Have a good week, and go do some jumping jacks for me :)
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Deb said...

Kira, you might want to stick with the meds you are on because the docs may just make you go off of EVERYTHING several days before your surgery. They might not want you on anything that may thin your blood. This was the case for Bethany when she had her microdiskectomy - the last couple of days before surgery were so horrible for her - she was in and out of pain-induced misery and really didn't sleep at all. Good luck, girly - I'm thinking alot about ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kira, I found your blog recently whilst searching the internet for inspiration. You have introduced me to the world of inchies, I had never heard of them and now I'm hooked, Thank you for sharing your fabulous creations with us.I have posted a link to your blog on mine I hope you don't mind (i will take it off if you do) my blog is
Well just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and also hope all goes well with your surgery and you can finally dance again.

Aly B said...

I love how shiny they are! Love the jewel tones <3 As for your back, =( you could call your doctor and at least update him that the medication is working anymore. From there he could tell you if he thinks you should switch before the operation. When I had a cyst on my spine removed and I had to stay horizontal I searched for a new tv series to obsess over. That'll keep you busy for a while- what kind of shows do you like?

Kira - said...

Thanks everybody for the sweet words and encouragement!

Aly, I love scifi, and funny enough, "reality" competition shows like Survivor, Hell's Kitchen, Biggest Loser. Lol, I like that garbage :) I'm probably going to either rent some seasons, or temporarily upgrade my netflix account so I can have a lot of discs out at once. Or maybe pay for a month of Hulu Plus... I'm almost so sick of watching TV, it seems like that's ALL I do lately!

Jeanine said...

Hee hee -- we do go in and look at your blog crafting posts -- we're excited to see your creations soon =) Countdown to surgery is on!