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Inchies... Teeny squares of yay

It's been a long time since I've made any inchies, and they're always a fun, tiny, and quick way to feel like you've accomplished something. (Just in case somebody reading doesn't know, an inchie is just a little 1" by 1" sqaure piece of artwork. Silly, right? But cool.) Anyway, I made this set last night. A bunny, a piggy, and a cat.
Then I finished up this set this morning. Birds inchies, woot.
I used some AWESOME crafting foil to border this one. I had been looking for crafting foil for a few months after a case of envy over discovering a friend's "I don't know what this is, can you show me?" stash of foiling supplies that her mother in law gave her. It's seriously so shiny and wonderful. If you are curious and want to play (I highly recommend it!) it's Lisa Pavelka crafting foil. I found it at Michaels near the polyclay supplies. I guess you can use it on polyclay, but I'll probably mostly use it for papercrafting. The adhesive I used was Alene's flexible stretchable fabric glue applied with a paint brush. When it dries, it's still tacky, so that's why it works :) If you wanna know more, just comment on my facebook.
I think I'm going through a piggy-drawing phase. Maybe koalas next. Happy Thursday!

Oh and I can't gush enough about how nice and lovely you guys are, Thank you for the FB comments and the ones on here, too :)
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Nessa the Procrastinator said...

These are so cute. If I ever have a kid, can I commission artwork from you for their room? Can I commission artwork for me? lol.

Kira - said...

Oh heck yeah you can! :)

Jaclyn Trecartin said...

I have never done inchies, but perhaps I will try it soon...someday. I really like the little bird one with the foil border.

Jolene said...

Found you via Craftsters! Without a doubt your site makes me SMILE more than any I have been to in a looooong time!

I L.O.V.E. your style! Such great composition and use of color! Hope you don't mind that I passed your link along via Twitter to all my Tweeps! Gotta share the love!

peace & love,