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The Wombat

A very lemon-shaped animal, indeed. Yesterday, I asked my Facebook Page folks to comment their favorite animal and I'd pick one and craft it today! The wombat won out, simply reading the word "wombat" was delightful, no clue why!

So I drew and watercolor painted this little wombat guy and then cut it out to put in a shrine.

I experimented with different ways to draw the eyes, as wombats have kind of little squinty eyes... It just looked too mad or mischeivous or suspicious, so I went with big round eyes. He looks a little dramatic, but I'm okay with it!

Here's the sketch. Happy Thursday! Everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

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Jaclyn Trecartin said...

So cute! I love his eyes!

Sephora said...

You did a very nice work! I love this wombat!!!

AlphaBetsy said...

Aaack!! I love the wombat. So cute.

LimeRiot said...

Dramatic wombat!! I love him!

Carmen said...

This makes me smile. A lot! :D