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Sugar Skull Coptic Stitch Book

Aha! Another Dia De Los Muertos project! I've got one left after this... I've got to get unpacked SOON because I'm running out of backlogged projects :) This is a coptic stitch little journal that I made for that craftster swap I've been going on about!
I drew and watercolor painted this little sugar skull and secretly hid the name if its recipient in the teeth.
I stitched in 12 signatures of three sheets each! I was pretty excited about that bright green thread, too.

Well, we moved into our new house this weekend!!! I've gotten a lot unpacked, which is great, but my craft room is being painted and is half-way done, so I haven't been able to unpack my craft things yet which is nuts. Why don't I just finish painting? 10 foot ceilings, and I'm very afraid of falling off a ladder, so Bobby has to do it. I fell over backwards (and crushed a box, Chris Farley-style) on Saturday from a squatting position and got some ridiculous bruises on my arm and leg. I figure if I can lose my balance that close to the ground, I should not be trusted on a ladder.

So my craft room won't be put together as quickly as I want, but soon. Also, more wicked witch bookmarks in my Etsy shop by the end of the week hopefully. Happy Monday!


AlwaysInspired said...

This is great! I'm loving your DOTD crafts! I will be teaching coptic binding to a bunch of excited kids in a week. We're going to make summer adventure journals!

Unknown said...

That book is darling! I love how you used brightly colored paper for the signatures. You're work is fantastic.

kendal croix. said...

oh i love sugar skulls so much.