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Altered Altoids Tins Christmas Ornaments

 Happy Thanksgiving!!! And what a sleepy Thanksgiving it is... I was up until 3ish then awoken by my alarm clock each hour thereafter to check if mysterious Best Buy had posted their Thanksgiving Sale prices yet (They kept it a secret but said "soon" at 11 PM last night! Go figure). FINALLY at 6:05 AM they posted my new computer at a steep discount and I got it. Whew. I'm stoked, because I've been doing ALL my blogging/computering/photo editing on a teeny tiny netbook since 2008. Anyhoo, I have some altered altoids tins to share with you today! :)
 There are four levels in each, the snowy background scenes, then a snowy sparkly microball-covered hillside, the sledding boy, then the Christmas banner. The levels are separated and spaced by a couple squares of sticky-back foam.
 Santa Claus!
 The vintage images were all cutout of old 1950's era children's books.
 I used mod podge to seal sheet music to the outsides of the tins. I used Alene's tacky glue to stick little glass beads along the rim. Took forever to use tweezers to stick those guys on there. After the first bit of glue dried, I added another later of glue along the outside edge to make sure the beads were secure. The glue dried clear, so the beads are still sparkly. I love the look!
 This one is a small tin, the container for Altoids Smalls. Walking in a winter wonderland :)
I don't think that I mentioned that I removed the covers of all these tins. They come off pretty easy.
I hope everyone has a really great and happy holiday season this year! Eat some tonnage today, folks! Happy Turkey Day! 

P.S. I'm thankful for my readers and all the friends I've made through the online crafting community! Love! :)


Jaclyn T said...

Congrats on your deal and those ornaments are adorable!

martina said...

I love your tins/ornaments!
So beautyful!
It remembers me to my childhood.
Thank's for showing me/us.

(sorry for my english *smile*)

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Kira these are adorable! I've been hoarding the wee little ones but haven't tried altering them yet. Love yours!


Thisbirdsabsurd said...

Lucky me! Santa came to live at my house! I love it - can't wait to get our tree so I can hang it up! :)

{amy k.} said...

hey girl, glad i found you! these tins are adorable, i LOVE them!! can't wait to browse through the rest of your blog! :)

Unknown said...

J'ai vu cette création sur pinterest parce que je crée aussi beaucoup et j'adore le mixed media.
Je voulais te féliciter, ce que tu fais es vraiment magnifique !

Unknown said...

Love em.😊