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Floating Dog Christmas Ornament

Folks have been asking... Is this a pug? SURE! (But I guess it could also be a bulldog if you colored him right) I suppose you could even crop the ears off and make it into a boston terrier! But anyway, it's cute with a Santa hat, no?

I made this ornament for a friend who has decided to buy local for Christmas this year! She needed an ornament for a sort of White Elephant game in a few weeks. I used my new Floating Dog stamp (available to buy here) and colored it with watercolors to achieve a pug-like look :) The santa hat is just cut out felt and white pipe-cleaner.

The base is cereal box-turned-chipboard by gluing a bunch of layers together. Then various layers of scrapbooking paper, book page, ink, paint, gems, craft foil, sparkly microballs and ribbon!

I've been working on some Altoids tins that I'll share next week. Have a lovely weekend! OH! And a BIG BIG thank you to everybody who has left oh-so-kind comments of congratulations on my new stamp line :) I always really appreciate your support and sweet words! It means a LOT! I have the best readers EVAR.


Karen Boughton said...

He really is cute and I love this ornament! It's fab to see how you colour yours x

artymess said...

ha love his curly tail......x

Karin Broberg said...

Aaaw, how cute is he?? Also, what a great idea to glue cereal boxes together to make chipboard - I'll remember that for next time I need some!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

This shows perfectly why this guy is my fave. Never fails to make me chuckle heehee.

Dottypudding said...

This is great, love the stamp and the ornament is fabulous, Jo x