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Fancy Beaded Lava Princess Crown

 What girl doesn't need a couple of crowns lying around for those blah days? I made this second crown a few days after I made the fancy beaded mermaid crown, but used a little different style. And guess who remembered to take a few in-progress pics? This moi.

 I used the thickest gauge of wire they had at Michaels for the foundation of this one, and wrapped it all around with much thinner wire to hold it together.
 Then, I used the thick wire to make this piece to create tiers for the many gleaming jewels.
You can see here how I wrapped more wire around to attach it to the circle.
 So without any beads, the base for the crown looked like this.

 Then, I took about a 2 foot section of thin wire and strung beads onto it. I secured one end to the base by twisting it around, then began wrapping the beaded wire around the base, spacing them about 1 bead per wrap-around, if that makes sense. When you run out of beads and wire, just secure it, then add another length of wire and beads. It's easier to do it in pieces instead of one LONG piece of wire, because wrapping that crap is crazy. It'll be everywhere.
 Then once you get to the pointy-bits, pull the bead wire across the centers to fill in the empty bits.
Tada! Magical. Queen of the Hot Lava monsters.
 I had a woe-is-me couple of days this week, and I tell you what, I needed to wear something sparkly to make me feel better. Not pregnant again. Booooo. I don't usually like to get too personal on this blog, and I stick to the crafty stuff, but man, that's what's going on right now. Good thing I have crafts to cheer me up, right? :P Okay, no more pity party.... Have a great weekend, everyone!


Renjac1301 said...

Oh tooo cute :)

Vanessa R-A said...

I hear ya... we've been trying for over a year and nothing, but in a way it could be a good thing. At least now we can move into our house and put in some elbow grease and then maybe in another year if nothing has happened, we'll worry. :)

Calophi said...

That's pretty neat, actually! I wouldn't have thought of it, but then again I'm normally too lazy to try and work with beads and wires. :)

Jeanine said...

Very pretty; Natalie is our crown/dress up girl!

Kaotickrafter said...

That is a super cute crown! Not being a fan of playing with beads, I will stick to admiring yours :)

Crafting is good for the soul.

Amy O'H. said...

How fun! I love that you are using a creative outlet to get through a tough time. best to you!