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Fancy Beaded Mermaid Crown

Hey! I'm finally using up a little bit of my enormous bead stash. Tonight I sat down at my table surrounded by beads and made this messy, but lovely sea crown.
I began with 4 loops of wire, then wrapped it all around with more wire. Then I strung beads onto a long length and wrapped those around what would be the back, spacing the beads out semi-evenly.

 For the front, I twisted wire and beads willy-nilly to make the front taller. I wanted it to look kinda messy, so it wouldn't show much where I had to snip off and begin new pieces of wire.
I'm a mermaid. Happy Thursday!


Lgrahs said...

Beeeeautiful!!! My first visit to you blog ("found" you on Pinterest!) and I'm really enjoying your works of art! You are very talented, creative, artsy ... thank you for sharing!

Juls said...

this is just gorgeous! Hugs Juls

AlwaysInspired said...

I love this Kira! Would be a great photo prop for a little girls pics!