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Lilo & Stitch Drawstring Backpack

 I am so stoke about this drawstring backpack I made yesterday :D It took me pretty much all afternoon... There was lots of experimenting involved, so that meant seam ripping... But it turned out REALLY well and I'm super-pleased. If I ever decide to make one again, I'm guessing it would go much quicker.
 I really wanted some sort of Disney applique, since I made it for my upcoming Disneyworld trip. The fabric suggested Bambi to me, but Stitch is my favorite, so I had to go with him. I got the image from a free coloring pages website, then added some bits of color in Photoshop to go with the fabric better. Then I printed it onto a printer-friendly fabric sheet, cut it out and zig-zag stitched it on (all before sewing of course).
 The inside even has a pocket! With a flap! I was so proud I actually remembered to put in a pocket. Those are the kinds of things I usually forget until I'm completely done.
AND! I made a matching quilted panel that attaches with velcro for pin trading. I'm so stoked to do pin trading this year :) I bought a random lot of them for cheap on Ebay... In case you're not familiar, all the cast members (employees) at Disney have lanyards covered in pins and you can trade pins with any of them! I'm hoping to come home with lots of Stitch pins and Mickey and Chip & Dale! SO EXCITED!

I have some of the fabric left (printed duck fabric outside, printed cotton on the inside from hobby lobby) So I'm thinking about making a matching zippered pouch for my ID and cards and stuff. :D


Angela M said...

I did not know about pin trading. I haven't been to Disney in years, but still... Thanks for the info! I will for sure remember next time i go!

Also, the bag is so cute! Stitch totally goes well with the fabric.

Mallory Pickert said...

This is so cute! I love the fabric, and it will be perfect for carrying around at Disney.

We went last month, and I traded my first pin ever! It's such a fun thing to do.

creepy glowbugg said...

Beware the addiction of pin trading! I got sucked into the vortex a couple of years ago. Great fun, but I ended up buying specific pins (The Haunted Mansion stretching portraits and Tower of Terror Stitch bell hop pins) on eBay after I got back from
my trip. I have a ton of cool pins now though.
Great bag by the way! I really love the unique applique and the quilted pin trading panel.

Allison said...

We LOVE Stitch! Great bag! That will be perfect for the park--no bulky, but big enough to carry what you need. Maybe your matching zippered-bag should attach to the main bag so it doesn't get stolen/fall out (I'm such a worrywart!!) :)