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First Bookmarks in the Wicked Awesome Series!

Hey everybody! I just listed the first 5 bookmarks in my new Wicked Awesome Bookmark Series. It's going to be a limited series, with 100 unique witches... Why the new awesome ones? I've really been wanting to change up my bookmarks, as I've been making the same thing on a regular basis for over a year now. I need to keep things spicy to keep from going nuts! I also have been having a bit of a hard time, finding the bright side of living out here in Alabama, away from family and old friends... How do the two relate?

I found my motivation... I want to buy a toco toucan, and Alabama has a great climate for tropical birds. Land is also very cheap out here, so we'll be able to buy a house with a large enough property to build a large flight aviary for my future toucan. It's something I'm really passionate about and a goal that can really keep me focused. So, the more art I sell, the closer we are to buying a home, and the closer I am to having a toucan :)

So without further ado, here are the first 5 Wicked Awesome Bookmarks!

1/100! Link to Etsy Listing

3/100 Link to Etsy Listing - This one is my FAVORITE. Notice she has Emerald Slippers :)

5/100 Link to Etsy Listing

So, please, help me reach my goal of having a toucan. If I can't have a baby, I want a toucan, dangit. Share these listings with your friends if you would like, and don't forget to check out my For Sale Page, always linked at the top of my blog. Thanks, friends! 
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6 comments: said...


These bookmarks are so awesome...totally unique and totally my style...

Jen said...

Hey Kira - great new stuff - (but you always have great new stuff!) Good luck with the toucan - I have several parrots and have always thought a toucan would be pretty cool - way out of my price range though. There's one at our local bird supply so I visit him from time to time to get my fix. Have you ever seen a toucanet? I almost got a baby one years ago when he climbed into my hand and actually laid down to bask in the sun! Gaaaah - it doesn't get cuter than that! Good luck on your venture - I'll spread the word! :)

Unknown said...

OMG. I have an alexandrine but I really want an african grey!! They are so smart!! But in Australia and we are not allowed to import/export birds

Mrs Mac said...

WONderful! I love them :)

Pryta Aditama said...

Ow my.. This is so cooolll..!! :D

Chark said...

These are both hilarious and so artsy!