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Silly Rabbit Felted Felt Badge

Another felt badge! I mostly used needle felting to make this little rabbit badge. I did four different layers of felt on the bunny (back legs, body, front legs, head) to try to get some dimension to it. It's a little hard to see, but easier to feel.

Then I embroidered a little colorful silly on his rump for good measure. It's about 2.5x2.5''.

I'm back from camping in North Carolina! Bobby and I had a great time mining gems, going to gem shops, cooking over the fire, and pretty much just having a good adventure. However, it's SO nice to be home in the air conditioning and with access to a soft bed :)
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Miek said...

Love the bunny!

LimeRiot said...

Trix are for kids!! What a cute project. I just started up Round 2 of the felt badge swap on Craftster :).

Anonymous said...

So cute!