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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Young Queen of Hearts Altered Altoids Tin

 I had the pleasure of participating in another awesome wicked Craftster swap which was themed "Wicked Children." The whole idea was to come up with a list of villains or wicked characters you'd like to see depicted as a little kid. My partner had a pretty awesome list, and I picked to craft a young Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.
 I don't often draw people...So I was a little nervous working on this, BUT I think I captured the deviousness of the little queen as she stews ideas about playing croquet with hedgehogs and flamingos.
 I saw these little resin roses at Michaels and thought they went with the theme perfectly.
 I used a pop-can tab for a wall hanger on the back.

And in other Alice in Wonderland-related news, I found this tremendous monster of a caterpillar in my yard today, on a big toadstool, blowing smoke rings from a hookah. He looked just like Absolem, but green. He refused to be photographed smoking, so I had to make do with taking pictures on a stick. Really though, he's an imperial moth caterpillar and he weighs about 3 lbs.

Just kidding. He was huge, though.


Jaclyn T said...

I love this tin! And the caterpillar is gorgeous!

Deb R said...

Just loving your wicked red queen lol! If I didnt do quilting, I think you would convert me to your altered papercrafts!

LimeRiot said...

Holy Moley!! That caterpillar is amazing. Of course, your tin is also very very awesome :).

Cor scrappt said...

Wow, how lucky your partner must be to get this awesome tin art.

Ava Gavloski said...

love that pop can lid for the hanger!!! great ideal