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Bowie & Friends! Birdy pet portrait and videos

I can't remember if I ever told you guys about Jxh0703's YouTube videos, and if I did, it was probably one of Bowie, the indian ringneck. Anyway, she has this adorable flock of various parrots, and they are all super cute and I love to watch them. I have been wanting to do some fan art for a while, because for some reason, I just really like these birds! I finally got to it last night. Top branch L-R: Smokey, Hazel, Boo-boo. Low branch L-R: Kool-aid, Wish, Bee, and Bowie. 

 Now get ready for some cute videos.  My favorite is Bowie. He talks and is just so sweet. If you want to go into a cuteness coma, watch this video:

This is Hazel and BooBoo, the most terribly adorable pair of inter-species friends that you will see EVER. And BooBoo is wearing a space collar in the painting because he's been picking at himself lately. Watch this super cute video:

 This is Wish and Bee, the budgies. Wish is pretty much new, but here's a video of Bee going swimming and Wish in the background:

Well, I hope you liked my weird post, telling you all about vague celebrity birds that I've never met. LOL.

Have a great week!


My name is Cindy said...

LOL those Bowie vids really are super cute!! Love your painting as well.

LimeRiot said...

I've been loving all of your adorable birdie crafts lately!! Cutes birdie portraits ever!

Unknown said...

I have been following this clan of birds for a while. Then seeing the painting you did of them, really made me smile. Thanks for putting up this blog about them.

Unknown said...

Cute as always! You are such an inspiration, so talented. I keep practicing drawing because I really want to draw cute little animals like you, but I am just horrible at drawing! Anyways, have a Happy Halloween! Hope you post something for Halloween :)