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Colorful Monster Pop Up

Stamps: Goat Monster, Whisker Monster with Sign, Little Hoo Hoo, Line Up by Kira Nichols for Stampotique
Hello, hello! I made this monster pop-up card because I was trying to use up paper scraps. It seems like I keep buying more and more paper and my bag-o-scraps never gets any lighter.
So I took a big wad of scrap paper and cut it all up into various sizes of leaf shape
 I folded a sheet of 8.5x11 Kraft cardstock in half and snipped and folded to make a lot of different pop-up levels
 Then I took all the colorful paper leaves and glued them on.
 Cut it out, add monster stamps and voila. And yes, it still folds flat and pops up :)
 I had my birthday this week, and the birthday-day (Thursday) was alright. I was sad because Bobby had to work :( So I pretty much just ate cake and watched TV all day. TODAY,  though, Bobby took me out to lunch and to Lowe's. No, my husband isn't tiny, that's just a comically large mailbox he bought me for my b-day!
And, it's definitely worth mentioning: I treated myself to a ridiculous birthday amount of cute Japanese stickers from this Ebay sticker shop (jreynolds36). I mean, budgies and Mickey Mouse? Could there be better stickers? I bought some grab bags along with some specific lots, and it was SO much fun to sort through them. I put em in a few of those clear coin-collector sheets and that works perfect. Cute overload. I really really recommend, so go sticker shopping in that shop now.

Anyway, I'm having a really nice day. Thanks very very much to everybody for always leaving me such nice encouraging comments. Happy Saturday!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your blog is beautiful and your crafts are utterly stunning and gorgeous! You are very talented!

Miek said...

Wow this is very cool . Love the way you recycled your scraps! And also Happy birthday , Nice sunday Miek

Cap'n NikNak said...

That is AMAZING!!! You are so talented :) xx

Jennifer said...

Your card rocks! -- love the colors AND the monsters. Refreshing to see the imagination and ingenuity involved. Would love to know how you went about creating the layers for your pop-up.

Unknown said...

Super cute! I have always been intimidated by popup cards, but I think I may attempt one. I love the colors :)

Chark said...

Your monster card is fabulous! Happy Belated Birthday!

Mrs Mac said...

What an AMAZING card! So much work! So neat! So colourful! Wow!