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New Video Tutorial! How to make a Pop-Up

Hey friends! I made a new video to show you how to make Pop-Up Cards with multiple levels. I had quite a few requests for this tutorial... So ask and you shall receive! Happy Thursday!

If you have a suggestion for my next video, leave it in the comments. I'm grateful for ideas :) 


Unknown said...

Thank you, beautiful and well explained. I'll use

Jennifer said...

Really appreciated the tutorial -- thanks a bunch!

Tina said...

"Oh my gosh... That's so cool... A pop up." That part of the video made me chuckle. I loved all of it though, and once again, I WANT YOUR STAMPS! Soon. Maybe I'll treat myself for my birthday.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome video. I think I might have the kiddo watch it tomorrow, because I can see her making cards like this with horses.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Marika said...

Thanks so much for this tut. Love love LOVE your site! I think you are very talented.

Unknown said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I just did pop ups with my kids for Valentines...but NOTHING like this! You take trying something to a whole new level.

Kathi said...

I so love this. Thanks so much for your brilliant tutorial! I'm going to give this a go.

Pinned it for future reference because I'll forget by morning!

Tina said...

Getting ready to make one of these tonight, so I need to watch the video again.

As far as another video, could you do one on the altered altoid tins? My kiddo and I recently discovered a love of sardines, and the empty containers are screaming for some sort of art.


Chark said...

great tut! love the info and your presentation. I'd like to see some other things like your pompom rabbit on video. thanks!