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Pop Pom Farmer Monster & a Throw Quilt

 I decided to take the plunge and make a commitment to NOT buy any new craft supplies for the next 3 months! Well, with the exception of extraordinary yard sale finds and of course, adhesives. So I set to work on my shoe box of small/medium sized fabric scraps.

 Here is the box of fabric that I turned into....
 A throw quilt! I just cut a ton of 5x5 squares and sewed them together. Then pieced together fleece remnants (that I originally bought to make stuffies, but I've got tons of sweaters to cut up for that) to serve as both the backing and the batting. I just used a straight stitch on my sewing machine to "quilt" it. The thing is kind of little. I think it's like 40x50 inches, perfect for the couch.
The edge looked like crap because I had just zig-zag-stitched the edge because I got bored and/or lazy. So the next day I got some motivation back and crocheted a border, using nearly a whole skein of forgotten stash yarn. To make the holes to crochet in, I just used the 1/16'' hole puncher part of my Crop-O-Dile to punch holes along the edge, 1 inch apart.
I had just enough yarn left over to either make a small ball of yarn that would go unused probably FOR-EV-ER, or I could continue with the stash-busting spirit and make a little pom-pom monster. The chose the latter. I made 2 pom-poms, sewed them together, then glued on some craft felt ears, paper eyes and teeth, pipe-clear arms and legs, then a wee straw hat from the stash. And of course he had to be holding a rooster feather because that's country, and I thought it went with the straw hat. I also tied a loop of yarn to the top of the hat to make him into a hanging ornament.

Anyway, much love! I feel like crap today! Here's to a better day tomorrow :)


Juls said...

Wow love what you've done with all your bits!! .... I once set myself the challenge of not buying any new crafty stash 4 6 months, I could still not see a dent in my stash after that time .... Hope your crafting spending ban has more success!! Hugs Juls xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the crocheted border you came up with. It's a great contrast, and really makes everything "pop". I'm excited to see how you bust that stash these next few months!

waggonswest said...

The crocheted border is gorgeous.

Tina said...

Great job! I love the quilt and the little monster.

I am finally starting to dig through my stash of fabric and clothes for repurposing. I made the kiddo a super cute tank top in about 10 minutes, then had to make one for her new American Girl Doll.

Speaking of which, I should probably get off the computer and get more sewing done.

Hope your day brightens up!