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Paint Chip Crafting: Tags & an IVF update on Egg Retrieval and Transfer

Welp, despite my lack of crafting over the summer, my addiction to supplies is still going strong... Unfortunately, buying stuff can still occur from the comfort of my couch. One of the things was buying 2 lbs of random unmounted rubber from Viva Las Vegastamps when they had a 40% off sale. That's a lot of stamps, btw, and I like VLVstamps because they're kind of weird and random. So I made these last week from some of the images I got. I had to work on these over several days, whereas under usual circumstances (more info on that mess at the end of the post), I could've popped these out over an hour or so.
 I decided to start with tags because they're easy... Nothing 3d for me... YET. We'll work back up to that. I was planning on making the tags out of kraft cardstock, but then spotted a big stack of Benjamin Moore paint chips that a friend sent to me a while back that have been mouldering in my stash fuh-ev-ah. Everyone needs paint chip crafts, right? I mean, all those free colorful papers? So hopefully, these will provide a wee bit of inspiration.
 They'll be good for putting on gifts... or I can pop one onto the front of a blank card. Instant card. It's nice to have extra crap like this lying around, so you'll have a handmade card when you need one.
 I think tags will be a good thing for me to keep crafting while I'm in my funk. I've already got a nice little box of them handy... I can always use more and they don't take up space.
 OH, BTW. All of the main images are random ones from VLVStamps, BUT all the background stamping is my "Owl Tree" from my line for Stampotique. It's a good one for fall.
The one with the piggy is probably my favorite. It says whee.

Anyway, here comes the part of my post where I share about my personal life. Whoopee! 

Last Wednesday, we had the egg retrieval for IVF and it was loco. We had to drive 3.5 hours up to Birmingham earrrrrrrly in the morning to get there at 7:30 AM. Having lived in the southern part of Alabama for over 4 years, we, of course, didn't consider "city traffic" (if you can call it that....Birmingham, lol) Anyway, we were a half hour late. 

Oh well. It was fine. they put me like...half-way under for the procedure. Prep for it takes a long time, but the actual egg retrieval takes about 5 minutes, so they don't do a complete anesthesia because it would be more trouble to put in breathing tubes, etc. So, I remember a LITTLE bit of it. The nurse told Bobby I was laughing and laughing and laughing at first. I don't remember that part, but I do remember that it HURT. Yep, I sure did feel it, even though I was loopy as flip. It was over in no time, though. then we got to go home. I had 19 follicles total, but only 7 of them had eggs in them, and out of 7, 6 eggs were mature, all 6 fertilized and in excellent quality. 

So we made the drive home, and I felt okay, so we went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions, and Bobby bought me a delicious burrito which I ate at the restaurant. That night was a different story, however. IT. HURT. SO. BAD. I thought my ovaries were going to explode. I guess all the follicles (19!) fill back up with fluid after the retrieval procedure, so it sucks. Think tennis ball-sized ovaries. Oh snap. That night was really painful, the next day, Thursday, was a little better, then next day a little better, etc. But Sunday was bad again on my right ovary.

Monday morning (yesterday), we drove baaaaack up to Birmingham for the EMBRYO TRANSFER! A five-day transfer...  I asked the nurse about my right ovary and told her it was hurting like crazy. She looked at it with the ultrasound and said it's still about 6 cm, about the size of one of those yummy little mandarin oranges and that it would take a few weeks to go back down to normal size. I can expect ovary pain for a while. Anyhoo, they put in two tiny, healthy circle babies into my uterus (I say that because they showed us a picture, and they're pretty much cute little spheres right now). The process was really fast, then I had to lay there for 15 minutes to let em sink in, or something to that effect. Then I ate another burrito. 

Today, 1 day past transfer, I feel like I've been hit by a sleepy-truck. I think my body is just catching up after all the crazy stuff it's been through over the last couple months. I. am. so. tired. Good thing I don't have much to do. Gotta fill some orders. Gotta do some chores. But mostly, I can rest and recover. The waiting BEGINS! I won't find out if the little embryos stuck and if I'm really pregnant until Sept. 25th, which isn't too far away... But you know, I can't help but worry. 

Anyway, I'm going to go collapse now. Until next time :)


Chark said...

wow, that is some hard stuff...take it easy and treat yourself well. Blessings on your circle babies. Love your paint chip tag idea and VLV stamps have Dr. Who stamps, so they are awesome!

*Lyndsey said...

congrats! I know the two week wait can seem like an eternity. Be patient and be strong. (yeah...patience. blah blah blah).

I've had cysts. They SUCK. TAKE IT EASY and loaf around as much as you can.

ami said...

I'll be praying for you, Kira. I'm glad you're back to your studio and blog in the meantime. Best of luck.

jengd said...

Awesome tags! I LOVE the paintchip backgrounds and just had to laugh at the rainbow pig. :) I hope that this go-around is successful and this is the last time you need to go through the whole IVF process! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Well, maybe not literally because it would be really hard to get stuff done if my fingers were crossed all the time but you know what I mean. ;)

Tina said...

Now I know what to do with my paint chips!

We'll, in about 2 years when I am finally done working on my degree and I have time for such things.

I hope that your circle babies turn into lima bean babies! That's what I always think of when I look at a growing baby.

Megan said...

I love those tags! You did an amazing job with the paint chips. I have some VLS stamps too and love them. They're so funky and fun.

Sending lots of positive vibes your way. I hope everything goes as you want it too


Basement Stamper said...

hope you are feeling a little better and resting up. Will be thinking of you as always and hoping for a wonderful positive result for you two.

And fantastic tags, love how different they all are.

LimeRiot said...

Best of luck with your little spheres!! I'm sending good baby sticking thoughts your way :).

Love the tags and so glad you posted them. I seem to gravitate to blank tags and then never do anything with them. This is good inspiration!

Scarlett said...

Hi there. I just happened to find your blog and really am not sure how - Pinterest maybe? - anyhoo oh so glad I did - its delightful! I really love these tags, the background stamp is fun! Best of luck to you and your little spheres - that is so cute. :) I hope all goes well and they make themselves at home.