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End of year Update

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

(Aside: What a great phrase to begin a post on my rarely-updated blog... It'll date this post perfectly for visitors when my intentions of keeping this blog current once again fall by the wayside.)

...But I mean it! I hope you're all well. I'm doing fine. Just here at home, keeping it real. Buddy and Kip are respectively 1.5 and 2.5 years old and they have been keeping me running for my money and on the brink of insanity. My depression and anxiety have been, for the most part, manageable, but it's still something I've been struggling with.

This is a phase of life, though, I keep telling myself. Once the kiddos are a little bigger and a little more independent, bla-bla-bla, I'll have more time to enjoy that solitude and crafting time that I'd grown accustomed to while trying for so many, many years to conceive and birth said kiddos.

The Etsy has been busy. Been selling lots of ornaments and bookmarks this season, so about 80% of my free time has been spent working on filling Etsy and Amazon orders. Which is nice, BUT I'd love to do a lot more creative things. Lots of the skills and crafts I've picked up have been gathering dust, just waiting for the day when I can come back to them.

Mothering is super important, though. My boys are great and so sweet and tender and (mostly) delightful.

Anyhoo, here comes the possibly futile part. Go ahead and skip this last paragraph, because it just may not happen, according to life as I know it :)

I'm hoping to begin blogging about once a week and keep up with the few makes and creativity I'm hoping to have time for. Wish me luck. In the mean time, here are just a couple pics from lately.

 I made some Christmas tree earrings that Kip destroyed less than 24 hours later.
I also got glasses this year.
I made some chicken themed inchies and glued them into my planner.

That's my update. Goodbye for now. Love and snootches.


jengd said...

Glad to hear you're still out there and more-or-less keeping your head above water. I'm with you on the resolutions to craft more when time is more manageable. I've largely ignored crafting and my blog for over a year now and really need to get back to them. Maybe this is the year. Not holding my breath either. lol! Cute kids, cute earrings, cute glasses btw. :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad you're going to try to come back! I love your blog, Kira!
I have posted so many "I'm going to try to blog more" posts, now I just don't and I post when I want to and I don't post if I don't have anything to say. :) It's ok and so much less stressful!!
~ Chrissy from Muse of the

Nancy (Our Peaceful Planet) said...

We'll it's obviously been a while since I've been back to your blog. I stop in now and then to see what kind of crazy ideas the ultra-talented in the world come up with. :-P Low and behold there are two little boys who look half grown staring back at me. Holy crap! Almost brought tears to my eyes as I remember a post not all that long ago filled with such sadness as you had not yet accomplished the one thing ou wanted. Motherhood. Guess you double checked that one off. Looking at those little dudes it appears it was worth the wait. You go girl. Tough life is never perfect yours appears pretty awesome looking in through the internet window. Beyond happy for you and your little family. (Still a tad jealous of your amazing talent though.)

Nancy Ü