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Work Table Declutter Challenge

Stuff... it's accumulated on my work area. Of course, I've got lots of things that stay on the table, that LIVE on the table, such as my pens, markers, washi, various cups of pencils, adhesives and scissors, paints, favorite inkpads, etc. You know, the stuff that's always getting used and has to constantly be accessible for maximum crafitng sanity.

But then there are the catch-alls. Little wooden bowls that get filled up with crap. Baskets that eventually overflow with paper scraps and ephemera. Broken bits of this or that. Or things that definitely have a place, but I've just been 100% too lazy and not bothered to put away properly. (It's in a receptacle, it's tidy, meh. Kids are screaming. Cleanup is done. Meh. DONE! MEH!)

So I've hatched a plan... It's a challenge plan. My goal is to make 10 envelopes of quality Happy Mail to send out using ONLY the stuff currently on my desk. Maybe I'll do three or four at a time in a few rounds.

Three birds with one stone:
1. I'm cleaning up my work table and destashing with a purpose.
2. Creative time shall be mine. 
3. I can send them out and spread some happies.

Yeah, crushing it. Stay tuned. I'm giving myself two weeks.
In other maker news, I was at Walmart sans toddlers and was drawn to the stickers, because I am myself. In that aisle, there was clearance craft stuff and I found all these Coats & Clark threads for 25 cents each and I bought one of each color because I'm a craftstuff-hoarder and have only moderately-in-control FOMO when it comes to clearance supplies. And yes, I did buy some stickers, too. Kitties. End of blog post.

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Tiffany Cherie said...

You are hilarious! Thanks for that, from one crafty new mom to another :)