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Cockatiel & Ice Water

I'm taking it one day at a time and trying to get back into the swing of things, regardless of my pain situation! I went to pick up some deli roast beef and my prescription this morning, watered my garden, did the dishes... I'm hurting quite a bit, but according to the doctor, I should be up and doing my normal things anyway. I was getting pretty mad being up and about, so I got myself a glass of ice water and sat down to draw so I could just relax a little and zone out. This little watercolor painting of a cockatiel enjoying ice water resulted. I added the captioning on the computer, though. Haha, and it occurred to me that to some of you, it might look like this bird had keeled over, but it's not! Lots of birds like to be on their backs when they're feeling really safe and/or super playful. My brother's bird (a green cheek conure) actually sleeps on its back every evening. It's outrageously cute.
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Anonymous said...

Oh Kira!!I love this bird drawing!!Gee you draw well. I didn't know that about birds. We have some white doves that have become tame, and come in each day to eat their sunflower seeds. They land on our hands,and sometimes let us stroke them. It is a beautiful thing to be that close to wild birds.
Glad you are getting up and about, and the drawing is helping.

Aly B said...

This is so cute! I've been reading about bird behavior recently- they're like little people with feathers! Birdology and In the Company of Crows and Ravens are both great books if you're into that kind of thing =)

Kira - said...

Judy, you are just so sweet! It would be amazing to be have the trust of a wild bird! I've seen videos of little chickadees landing on people's hands to eat birdseed and have always wanted to do that :)

Aly, birds are so neat with their little personalities and stuff. I'll have to check out those books! Another really great one is "King Solomon's Ring" by Konrad Z Lorenz. It's nonfiction about this guy who opened up his house to wild animals and various other pets, blackbirds and mongooses and such. It's a fantastic read!!!