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Monster Notebook!

This was another swap item! Okay, I cheated on it a little bit. The monster is a print of a watercolor painting I did earlier. Alexz has the original! So he may look a little familiar... I cut him out, slapped him on a square of watercolor background and black paper and put him on an existing notebook. I've been a little slacking lately on the crafty front, but that's due to a couple of unmedicated/untreated days because of the ineptitude of the punks at Neurospine (I can't recall a time when I've ever been angrier or more disappointed in a doctor's office). Long story short, they *forgot* to order my TENS unit which I desperately need for pain control, ntm let my prescription lapse when I called them about it a few days in advance. I took matters into my own hands and just bought a TENS myself, since there was no telling how long it would take them to get it together. It arrived today :D I'm soooo relieved! I ordered it yesterday, and it arrived oh, 28 hours later! Talk about fast shipping! Anyways, it's awesome. Definitely a Happy Tuesday here, I hope you had some win too :)
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Alexz said...

I love that kitty! And I don't think that is cheating- it is just sharing the cuteness with more people! And that is always good! I am so glad you are having a good day! You deserve it, that's for sure! You are amazing! You get more done with a bad back than I do with perfect health! I love looking to see what you made!