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Monsters Zippered Pouches

Every year for Christmas, the Nichols side of my family has one other family to get presents for, and this year I was pleased to see I could craft for some of my older nieces! I thought teens/tweens can always use zippered pouches for sleepovers, makeup, girly things and whatnot, so I made these before my surgery to send off to Washington.
They're based off of different plush I've made that the girls each noted as thier favorite: Sad monster and plump yeti!
Here's the little yeti, I appliqued him with soft fleece, and added a nose and belly button for good measure.
Both bags are fully lined with coordinating fabric! I hope my nieces get a lot of use out of these bags, they were made with love :)

Here's an update on the back surgery recovery front: I haven't done ANY more crafting after that deer. I had been feeling a lot of pain, a little more back pain, so I called the nurse from recovery and she said that I should NOT be sitting for more than 15-20 minutes at a time, and avoiding sitting as much as possible (she said, "Either be laying down or walking!"). So I've obeyed and am doing MUCH better pain-wise. PLUS, I walked nearly 1/2 mile today! I should be walking 2 miles in a day by 4 weeks post-surgery! It's been 10 days. But I gotta go! I'm sitting typing this, and it's killing me! Much love! Happy late Christmas!
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Alexz said...

Aww, I love these! And I have both the plush they were based on! How cool! I am so incredibly happy for you and so glad to hear how much better you are feeling already. You're an inspiration, Kira!!

Jeanine said...

A thank you from our home to yours! The girls loved the bags =) I also like the multi-colored material bowl =)(I think you've posted one before?) and the boys liked the video game -- thanks to the both of you! Here's to a quick recovery and healing!

Nichola said...

Those wee monsters are adorable. The belly button!!!! Could they be any cuter?

Get well soon and take care of yourself :)

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

I'm so happy that you're doing well! BTW: I hope you don't mind that I'm gonna link you on my blog. I love following your blog and I hope everyone else starts following you!

Jeanine said...

You know the scrabble tile pendants you included with the zippered pouches/bags for the girls' Christmas gifts? They loved it all; but I have to tell you that if they could tell friends how you're selling the pendants... They get so many saying how cute they are!