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Big ol' coiled fabric bowl

Here we have another pre-surgery Christmas craft! I made the biggest coiled fabric bowl I've ever made! This is a fake-action shot, but you can get a better idea of the size if you compare with that skein of yarn.
As you might well know, I love to save up my scraps for weaving projects and other stuff like this, so all the colors and patterns are mixed up, but still nice and cheery bright, as I like them.
It has a new home in Washington with my sister-in-law-in-law :) I hope it'll get much use as a fruit basket or notions basket, or by-the-door catchall, or something!

And again, thank you all for the well wishes and get well soons!! I SO appreciate every kind word. I'm doing fine, my recovery is right on track, I believe! I'm feeling better each day, but I'll admit, I've been having some really frustrated days. I know things are getting better, but I think a lot of constant tiny irritations just get under my skin sometimes. Plus, I haven't got much of an outlet to relieve stress at the mo'. I can't wait until I can craft at 100% capacity again!!! That's what keeps me sane :) Anyhoo, happy Wednesday.
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artymess said...

Cool bowl what did you use as the core of the fabric or was it just fabric? pleased to hear you are on the mend and wishing you an extra special New year .......x

Jeanine said...

Yes, it has a great spot in a new home =) We love the cheery bright colors and decided to put it on our new TV stand downstairs! I'd like to see HOW you make this; it looks amazing =) Thanks again -- your sister-in-law

Ruby Murray said...

Kira, hope you are soon on the mend, knew you couldn't be non crafty for long pain or not :) (Emma from Craftster)

Aly B said...

Your crafts are always so full of vibrant colors- even the thread is rainbow colored! And I'm so glad to hear everything is progressing nicely with your recovery =)

Audrey said...

Very cute! I'm glad you're getting better! Hang in there!