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the Sad Monster Plush

This snaggle-toothed mongrel is what I came up with tonight! He was supposed to be a dinosaur originally, but turned into this pouting mess.
Is that material called tweed? I'm really not sure... I nabbed it out of a remnant bin. You can't really tell, but his eyes are two different colors. One is magenta and the other is orange! Ummm, not sure what else to say about him. Oh yeah, he eats bad dreams.

Update on Kitty the lovebird- She's still alive and has yet to show any signs of illness since the scare two days ago. I'm hopeful that she'll make a full recovery :)
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Alexz said...

Glad to hear about the bird! Will this be on your etsy??

Kira - said...

What?! You want him?! Lol, I was actually planning to list him and some other stuffies in the next week or two... Should I let you know when he's up?

Alexz said...

Yes, please! I really want him! It is so adorable!

MafiosaGrrl said...

She's right, it's super adorable. Glad your birdie baby is better :)

Jeanine said...

Aunt Kira, do you sell your items at the etsy shop online? - annaliese