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Hogwarts Sorting Dice :)

My partner in the One Tiny Harry Potter Thing has received, so now I can post my little treasure :)
I made a Hogwarts Sorting dice! It's about 1.5" by 1.5", so not as little as an inchies dice, but still pretty little and nifty! Here are all of the sides. Since there are only four houses, I did a side for Hogwarts and then the owl side for my "signature."
I suppose if you roll the Hogwarts side, you can be a ghost or a professor :)

Happy Sunday!


Unknown said...

Love it! That was a really awesome idea!

Zombie Queen said...

How cool!!! I love how it came out! How did you put the pieces all together?

Audrey said...

So awesome!! I hope i roll slytherin!

PosiTori said...

I saw this in the gallery! Very awesome!

oregonjewelry said...

Love anything Harry Potter!

Numinosity said...

So cute and I adore stamped lettering!

xoxo Kim