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Friday, June 17, 2011

Nerd Cat

At first, in the sketching stage, he started out as a kitty wearing cool sunglasses, but the frames were too Maurice Moss-esque, so he became... NERD CAT. Watercolor and micron pen. Have a splendid weekend!
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Luna said...

He seems to know so many thing!
He is really a wise cat!

Morgan said...

this is amazing, i love it!


Helena said...

Can't sleep tonight, so bloghopping- very nice to have come across yours! :)

sarah d. morris said...

This is so cute! Of course, I will love just about any art portraying cats..

LimeRiot said...

Adorable! I want to hang out with nerd cat and do math problems.

kraft ★ croch said...

nerd + cat = Oooh! ♥