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Make a little gift box

Here's a little no-brainer gift box made from a little teeny chicken broth cube box... Simple enough, I just flattened out the box, then used a gluestick to attach paper. Once it was dry, I used an exacto to cut out the box shape again. Then I used an ink pad to add blue to the edges and slapped on a loteria card!

It was about the size of a small matchbox and I used it to send a pair of earrings in last month. It was just a little quick easy way to make a cute gift box out of something that would normally get thrown away...

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately... to be fair, I have really been only making wicked witch bookmarks to sell so I don't have any awesome new crafts to share. I've been feeling pretty ill lately. Bobby took me to the hospital on Monday because I had been fainting all weekend. I had fainted a few times over the summer, but we didn't really think anything about it, but Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning, I just kept going out of it. Anyway, they did blood tests, EKG, a CT scan, chest x-rays, etc. They ruled out any of the real dangerous things, I don't have a brain tumor or diabetes, or anything deadly. So we still don't know why I've been fainting and weak. They stuck a heart monitor on me for yesterday and we brought it back in this morning so they can analyze the heart rate recordings. It's kind of scary... But I feel a bit better today. I hope we can figure this out. I want to get back to feeling super, so I can get super-crafty up in here again! I hope everybody is having a good week so far.
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Vanessa R-A said...

I hope you feel better soon and the figure out what's going on. This box is cute. I love loteria cards.

Bonnie Irvine said...

Wow! Take care of yourself. I'm glad they ruled out scary stuff but it's frustrating not to know what it is so it can be fixed. Sending positive thoughts your way.

Numinositybeads said...

Oh Kira, you must be more than a little worried. I do hope ypu are OK. Your little boxes are lovely. it's a nice meditation gluing onto premade satisfying and functional to when you finish.
My thoughts are with you wishing for the best possible outcome to your medical mystery.
I haven't been blogging all that much either with travel and dial-up this summer.

xoxo Kim

AlwaysInspired said...

I hope you are back to your super crafty self soon!

Thisbirdsabsurd said...

You always have the cutest ideas! deserve to be feeling 100% - so I sure hope you're feeling good as new in no time!

Mallory Pickert said...

Kira, I hope you get to feeling better!

On an unrelated note, I stumbled across these and thought you would want to know.

Unless you guys moved to Ukraine recently, it looks like someone borrowed your idea. :-/