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Mustache Tiny Book!

Mustache papercrafting! My other little books have arrived at their destinations, so now I can share them. I made this tiny book for Sheepblue (Quirkiecraft!) in the One Tiny Book Swap over at craftster! She likes the silly/awesome theme of mustaches, and I had a lot of fun making this little book.

I was psyched to find the perfect book at the thrift store with great mustachio'd imagery to cut out and use!

Each page has a different mustach-man and an adjective to describe his facial hair. This spread is my favorite one out of this book!

A pirate mustache! See the beads on the left side?!

Behold this charming dandy...

I really like this spread, too. Yellow ochre is one of my favorite colors, I think.

And here are the front and back covers.

Now there's one more tiny book to show you this week! Stay tuned! Happy Wednesday!
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Jaclyn T said...

This is killing me!

–Jaclyn T

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Vanessa R-A said...

I love your style. Very cool.

DeeAnn Lawson said...

I love it. SheepBlue is gonna love it. I would have been so nervous swapping with her. She's amazing. Your work is always amazing too. That's why you two got paired up. :) I hope everyone Rocks your book on Craftster. If they don't I will be disappointed. :)

Amelia Houle said...

And it's all mine!!!!! =) Love it!

Audrey Darnell said...

I love all the little bits sticking out of the book! So colorful and cute!

Vixie said...

Wonderful! Love it!