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Little Birdhouse Book

 Behold this stack of tiny bookage! This weekend I had a papercrafting tiny book-making extravaganza and made three tiny books that I really love! Two of 'em are for swaps, so they shall remain secret until later this week. This stack will count as a teaser pic for Sheepblue and GoatGoddess (if they so happen to read this!), and I'll share the one I made for myself :)
 I was all about different shapes for my tiny books... I took a good look at my cricut cartridges to see what kinds of shapes I could make into some books. This birdhouse shape seemed like a good one. The birdhouse was symmetrical, with ledges on both sides, but I had to cut off the inside ledges so the little tabs didn't interfere with the binding.
 The book is about 3 inches tall. The pages are made from cereal box either painted with acrylic craft paint or covered with paper. I love using cereal box, because I always have some around, and it's sturdy without being too thick. 
 I added a lot of rhinestones and gems because I was digging the sparkle factor!
 I think this could be my favorite spread out of the whole book. Colorful accents on black is a scheme that I should use more often, methinks.
 I drilled little holes at the bottom edge of this page and then used a needle and thread to add beads as an accent. It turned out pretty cool looking. It would have been cool to go all the way around the edge with the beads.... Maybe I'll do it in another book.
 You can see the beads a little better in this picture, and on the left edge, some Peanut feathers!!!

Have I really not posted since August 31?! I guess my concept of time has really been messed up lately! Bobby and I drove up to Ohio for Labor Day weekend, I came home with a wicked cold, and have been lazing around for an entire week. This weekend was much more productive... I'm working on some.... STUFF.

Big announcement coming soon :) Happy Monday!


Nessa the Procrastinator said...

I really love your little books! So amazed at your talent. :)

Unknown said...

Woooooow awesomenessss! Always when I pass by my mouth opens. Lots of admiration for your work!

Mallory said...

I think this is one of my favorite things you've made!

Jovonna said...

My grandma recently passed away and she loved birds. So your book made me smile and think of her. Thank you.

Mareth Lee said...

I love your tiny books! They are always crammed with awesomeness :). And I can't wait to hear about the big announcement!

stsummoner said...

I have gobs of birds in my back yard. My mama loved them too. I love that you put these little winged goobers here and there in your artwork! ;)

Thisbirdsabsurd said...


Audrey Darnell said...

This one is def my favorite new tiny book! I love the shape! I love the way you bind the book too!