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Kitty Tiny Book

 I made this wee book for my best craft buddy Audio. We kinda have an ongoing swappage, and this summer she sent me an awesome package with 2 excellent tiny books she made. I had been planning on sending her a tiny book, and we share a love of lolcats, thus this tiny book came to be.
 The shapes were cut using my Cricut and Make-the-Cut software and this shape bundle (which I definitely recommend if you've got cutting software).
 I cut out the words and cats from a children's poem book.
 This is my favorite spread of the whole book. There's just something about cut-out cat heads that I like....
 Second favorite. See the phonebook page on the left (free paper!) and the gems on the right.
I hope everyone had the most wonderful Christmas! Mine was spent here in Alabama with Bobby while the rest of my family was over at my sister's in Texas (Boo hoo!). I was sad I couldn't be there with everybody, but Bobby and I had a good day. We spent a lot of this weekend building Peanut a new birdcage which will probably get finished today. It's looking very, very cool! I'll post pics once it's done. I finally got a new computer for Christmas and a new printer :D I'm SO excited about it. Now I get to use better software to make my blog posts cooler. I actually pulled out my tablet that I haven't been able to use for my lack of a fast enough computer, only to find that I most likely threw out the software CD (that included Photoshop Elements, doh!) But it looks like I can download it if I call customer service, AND I found $90 hidden in my tablet case. SCORE! Happy Monday!


Juls said...

so gorgeous and fabulous

Mandy Crandell said...

I am SO in love with this book! And $90 is quite a nice surprise. :)

Audio said...

I LOVE IT!!! Thank you soooo much!

Vixie said...

I just love this.

Mrs Mac said...

Gorgeous! I bet it made your friend smile. It'll be a treasured pressie, I'm sure!