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AW SNAP! Lil Cowboy Card

 Ah, the unconventional birthday card... I made this "AW SNAP" card for my little sister (technically, she is my BFF's little sister, but I never had one, so I've taken her as my own). Anyhoo, it was her birthday this month and she needed something colorful, I decided.
 The little boy is cut from a discarded kids book from the 1960s. There was a set of boys playing cowboys and indians that was so dang funny. This kid just got "shot", and I thought his posture and face was the perfect  "aw snap" face. Kinda ironic, but that was the point :)
You can kinda see the metallic craft foil stamped designs in the background. That was probably my favorite part aside from the fluffy pom-pom yarn embellishment. The letters were stamped onto water colored paper and made "3D" with some sticky back foam.
In stamp-related news, Bobby made me this shelf for my rubber stamps! Unfortunately, it doesn't fit all my stamps, but the good news is that it was easy to make... And my birthday is coming up. Maybe he'll make me another one :) Have a super week.

PS. I'm almost at 1000 likes on my Oops I Craft My Pants Facebook Page! Once I hit 1000, I'm going to have a giveaway. Any suggestions for what I should give away?


Anvilartifacts said...

Hey Kira,

Your artwork is adorable. So glad I checked out your blog as well as your store! Giveaways are a blast! You'll have fun.

Audio said...

Aw Snap that card is fantastic!! AND OMG WOW the stamp shelf is fantastic! I want one!!! I actually think I might have one of those display shelves around my studio that could work like that, not as nice though!

Mareth Lee said...

That card is hilarious! That cowboy image screams "AWWW SNAP!" I'm sure she loved it.

The stamp shelf looks great. I'm drooling over all of your ink pad colors!

Kira Nichols said...

Lime, here's a tip on ink: buy the ColorBox cat's eye stacks in lots on Ebay. SOOO much cheaper and you can find brand new stuff :)

Karin Broberg said...

That stamp shelf is fantastic, you are one lucky girl! Great card too, the pom-poms are a nice touch! :)